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The world seems to be a little different today...

...I guess because I turned 23 this morning... It's my birthday! =D
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Hi there, fellow..

I can't see you on the map for some reason.
Luna is hanging out you for a while now but you seem not so interested in her or in anyone.
I'm just wondering who you are...

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Luna's Bio (wip)

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How to...

...make a blog or account page so good looking with pictures on the background and different colours? =P I see it a lot and I was wondering how to do that, hoping it's not too technical for me. =P

I wanted to make a nice biography for my little Luna but I don't know how to do that in the way most people do. I guess I have to do something with "Input format" and "Filltered HTLM" or something? Is there any way to make a nice page in a easy way? =P

I hope someone can help me with this. =)
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Just a "small" question...

...how in the world -or forest- could a fawn be so small?

Luna thought she was small, but this one seems to be really a baby!
Is it some kind of spell or what? =P
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Luna's Story: The Sound of Hope

The Endless Forest is a dream coming true for a little fawn named Luna.
After months of imagining fields of green grass, ponds with clear water and magical fountains, the Endless Forest appeared to be much more beautiful then in her dreams.

A long time ago, a small family of deer parents and a little fawn started a long journey in a search for a place called the Endless Forest. No one of them knew exactly where this place would be, but they kept dreaming about it like a vision. They followed the sound of hope calling in their heart; melodies of a fresh waterfall, hills with purple flowers and lots of other fawns and doe's to play with.
The journey was long and heavy. The parents of the little fawn were very old and constantly in danger on the travel. They didn't made it. The little fawn woke up on a grey morning and realised that she was all alone. Her parents were gone forever, eaten by a bear or a lion. Whatever it was, the decided to wait for it to come back so it could get her also. She would never made it to the forest in her dreams on her own.
But when night came, the moon started to talk to her with the voice of her mother. The voice reminded her to their one goal in life; finding the Endless Forest and starting a new, happy life. Blinded by the voice, the fawn started to follow it and after days of walking she arrived in the forest. On her own, lonely, but happy and surprised by all the beauty and safety.

Luna, named by the way she came in the forest, is a modest little fawn who's just trying to make a new family and friends. She misses the company of deers who really love her and care for her and sometimes she likes to just sit near the pond and watch the deer family and friends playing with eachother like she and her parents used to do.
But she never forgets the reason why she came her; her parents still want her to be happy.
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Luna's day in the forest

Yes, I finally got a name for my little fawn; Luna. =)
Luna means "moon" of course, but besides that I just think it's fitting her. It's a happy name for a happy fawn. Allthough it's officially a male, she got a female name because she acts like a female with her purple flowers around her head and such. =)

After a few days in the forest, she learned how to communicate. Today she met some other fawns and a grown up deer were she played with for a while. As I said, Luna is the one with the purple flowers:

They started a funny little dance party:

After a while the dance party became more popular:

And now she's just laying down near the pond to rest after a lovely morning. =)

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Another newbie question

Hi there =)

As a Dutch newbie, let me say first; forgive me about my bad English.
I've got a question. I'm sure I'm not the first one, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere else, so...
I signed up in TEF two days ago, but the first time I logged on to this forum was today. My history in this forum now says that I'm a member for only one hour. Now my question; do I grow up to an adult in one month from today or from two days ago? Thanks in advance. Smiling

So... I'm gonna play in the forest again now and thinking about a name for my little fawn. See you out there!
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