The Deer Knew

The leaves had fallen off the trees leaving shadowy grey images in the light before dawn and in the light before dusk. The paths followed well worn, well known, and had served well for play and raising fawns. Gazing from the ancient tree with hollow a deer could see the meanderings of any deer or deer group. The last couple of weeks had been different. The daily pattern had changed. For long periods of time no deer would travel along the wood paths. So, the paths filled with rabbits, squirrels, and squawking crows.

Where had the deer gone? A trot by the lake showed they had gathered there to play. No predators exist physically in the forest. Sometimes vague feelings of unease happen. As if pressure builds in the skull to the point and explosion happens right behind the ear. Often a dip in the lake removes the unease but this time unease had hit the lakeshore.

The deer instinctively knew their ability to frolic disappears with the unease spirit. Underwater excursions and pit playing became a favorite. It is said those that can fly high with a flyby also could shake it off. Most of all a good chortle with a good deer friend can do it too. Grass rolling, leg kicking, butt wriggling, and snorting puts a reducer on the unease. The Deer knew all those antics had a purpose but who would have thought a roll in the grass would do so much good.
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Reading your posts always

Reading your posts always makes me think that you must be spending a lot of time in game, observing the life of the forest. However, I don't think I've ever met your deer in all these years.. do you play incognito? I'd love to run around or sit under a mushroom tree with you sometime Smiling
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I played daily for a long

I played daily for a long time. Now I do guest deer. When done I have hiding spots. I found all the sinkholes in the ground, the rocks that let you through, a few places around the pond, and the trees which are numerous. It started out I was checking if some group played hide and seek. When you came back you were in a pile of deer. That was true in the early years I played and the group was in college then got jobs and family. You just curl up just so and you become invisible inside of a game feature. In most cases, and especially in recent years no one does that now. It has been so noted in the last couple of years I not played as much because Aussies work you and have their own games which are fun to play. I discovered the reason why they call it the land down under. LOL. My apologies that I have not been available for grass play for a while. But do note I still play.
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Aussies? Have you moved to

Aussies? Have you moved to Australia? I always thought you were from US, but maybe I'm confusing something, sorry Puzzled

Anyway, that hide and seek game sounds fun!
Must be pretty hard to find you when you play as a guest, though. But I'll try to look out for a nameless deer hiding inside some tree or under the rocks!
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Good Day, how is it goin',

Good Day, how is it goin', mate? Working remotely long before the pandemic for Aussies.
Hahahahahaha should get a group. Tag your it and your symbol. The hunt of Urschanabi has begun,,,,,,
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Fine, thank you. Happy New

Fine, thank you. Happy New Year, by the way!

Oh, you mean that company you posted a link to sometime earlier? I remember them.
Haha, this is gonna be fun. Now watch him hit every wide tree in the forest in search of your deer Laughing out loud
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Ghost deer. Blew right

Ghost deer. Blew right through me and got rid of a predator. Like CS Lewis The Witch and the Wardrobe type deal except it is a tree. Another artist colony as in graphic technologists artists of the California type working in AI and product with logos and abstract symbol development. Who are now stuck in lockdown forest with surfboard boats. Floating deer... connected to the opurra deer (opera) which rise up with their mighty voice winds and make followers. Why I hide in trees to protect the innocent who just want to roll on me. Aussie deer got California deer who have an oil lake they worship like the twin gods. Then there are the camouflage deer always gathering others so fraught with peril but fun if you like playing with assassin deer ( razor-sharp hoof striking before rutting). Coded symbols everywhere with secret hoof shakes and tail wagging. Moved around from group to group (global including your flavor Urschanabi ) Networked all the way to the hat symbol on the trees new group with one-way holes in the trees. Repurposed regularly. So had to do deer duty there since New Year. Back in fawn mode readying for the next round of frolic there. Ancient deer there run empires with governing councils that do commissions and visit investor deer who regularly inspect the herds. Ancient deer ordered one in November and graphics used all over that forest. Just appearing all over the place.

Hope your deer are fresh, frisky, and flirtatious. I hear personnel inspections by investor deer receive compensation in the grassy knoll made. May change locations since Dallas deer have appeared and brought their artist deer friends. Been a charge of the Dallas brigade several times at the California deer leaders.

Enjoy! Not as peaceful as Endless Forest but worth a prance or two.