Deer Of The Endless Forest (New and Improved, look please!)

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Yes, I understand I have another one. But, things happened and I really just want to make a new topic and start over fresh. Please understand, :c I greatly apologize.

This is a video about the players and their deer from the endless forest.


1: In this video, you will give me pictures of the deer you have that you want in it. I will then add them and your username to the video.

2: The picture's really need to have your deer's picto visible. If it's not, you could go into some art program and add it there. Without the picto, no one would probably recognize which deer it was.

3: Tell me your username. I know it's right at the side, but the community site has glitched to the point people had to change original usernames.

4: The picture's can't have other people's deer in it. That's just way to confusing. It's okay if the other deer is in the background or far away, though.


Okay, I need some help from you guys. I'm doing this in WMM and have a basic idea. But, does anyone know what I could do (besides adding music) That will keep the video less repetitive and more fun?


GOOD GOD I LOVE YOU LOL. Unfortunately I don't know if I'll be submitting my deer because...I change them so often FFFFF...

-- Dannii <3
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Hm, Ill submit mine ^^ My

Hm, Ill submit mine ^^ My username is Snowrift =D


Silvano [Sorry about the brown edges, its the only good picture I have of him]


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Lol, Ilu too Dannii. <333

Lol, Ilu too Dannii. <333 -cling- You can just submit the ones you know you won't change. Like Rutilus or Maha? o:

Thanks Snowrift, :3. But I think the round edges might come out looking strange on WMM. Someone gave me a picture like that before and it all glitched up, but I'll check it out.


Nevermind Snowrift, it came out fine. Laughing out loud

YOU KNOW WHAT. Since I don't

YOU KNOW WHAT. Since I don't think I'll be deleting any of my deer this time (not even Jareth <3) I'll just submit 'em all LOL. But I can't actually submit Jareth's til his real account grows up 8U So...I'LL WAIT FFF.

-- Dannii <3
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Yay ^^ ~~~

Yay ^^


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xD Lolk.

xD Lolk. Laughing out loud
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Snowrift I just noticed

Snowrift I just noticed Silvano's picto isn't very visible. Is that fine with you?
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you can add mine if you

you can add mine if you want:

Deer Name: Oak
Username: ShowbunnyTheSecond

Think I will to

Think I will to :3

Username: Crimsongale
~Meet Silvamord~
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Love this idea :3 Name:

Love this idea :3

Name: Skuller
Username: Custard

Name: Yori
Username: Custard

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Its fine that it isnt

Its fine that it isnt showing ^^


Amary username: nuevapaz (my

username: nuevapaz
(my main deer)


I have another deer but he's still a fawn, and I haven't quite decided on his set yet.

deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín
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I'm such a sucker for this

I'm such a sucker for this kinda thing. >< xD


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Cloud and Garnet Oh and my

Cloud and Garnet
Oh and my username is Haru C: