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Twin Spirits (offline)

Ancient Greek busts upon a marble stag's frame.
Their pale figures and frequent haunt of The Ruins have
bestowed them the moniker "The Twin Spirits".
Mane of gold and mane of onyx.
Stationary and silent, with sporadic bouts of activity.
Usually found separate, but may occasionally be observed sitting side by side.


The personification and god of the bright,
glowing upper air of heaven,
the substance of light.


The personification and god of darkness,
whose dark mists enveloped the edges of the world,
and filled the deep hollows of the earth.

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Swan pelt help [edit] done

Will someone please cast a few pelt spells on me? I'd really appreciate it. ^-^

My picto
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Unique Deer Sculptures

Kate Clark is a taxidermy artist that creates creatures with human faces. Some of her work is very similar to The Endless Forest deer, it's pretty cool stuff. Check it out.
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Crying mask help

Would anyone be so kind enough to cast a few spells on me so I can get the crying mask? It would be very much appreciated, and I could make a little pixel deer in return for you if you'd like.

And maybe help cast the swan pelt on my deer afterwards? It's totally okay if you just want to do the mask though.

I will be using this picto.
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Anyone have spelldata?

Does anyone have a spelldata file with a lot of the pelts and such that they don't mind sharing with me? I've been gone for a while and would like to try out some new sets. Smiling
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Pixel Deer

Would anyone be interested in little pixel things of their deer? Here's a few I quickly whipped up. (I'm just using adoptable bases I made for Neopets, shhhh)

Show me a picture or drawing of your deer and I'll try and make one for you. Please nothing super complicated or deer with hair, I suck at hair.
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It's been a while.

Almost 7 years. Wow.

Every now and then I check back on this site. It may sound silly, but this little game helped me in a lot of ways growing up. I met many cool people on here that I sadly haven't heard from in quite a while, but they've left fond memories. This game was my sanctuary. My escape from the bad things that were going on in my life.
I'm happy people are still getting enjoyment out of this game. <3
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Pokemon Fusions (Just for fun)

Anyone want a Pokemon fusion? They're basically 2 or more Pokemon mixed together. But I'm not great at them or anything.


1. I can only mix 2 Pokemon together at this time.
2. Please pick 2 Pokemon that won't be extremely difficult to morph together.
3. These are done in no specific order.

This is just for fun, I hope you guys enjoy them. (;
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Spelldata Help

It's been a while since I've been in the forest, but I've been missing its peacefulness lately.

Anyway, the problem is I've tried to put my sets into the userdata folder and they no longer work. I've downloaded the new version of TEF but it's still not working. Has is been made so you can't save sets anymore? Help would be much appreciated, thank you.
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Left 4 Dead 2, anyone? (Offtopic)


Well, I wanna' play some Left 4 Dead 2. I've never played it with anyone else, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I would like to play it with some TEFers before I start playing with people I don't really know.

Anyone want to? c:

Is there even a way to play with people of your choice? xD;
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