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3rd/4th - 12 - 11

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It sure is a nice day today. I made sure to say hello to mum. Maybe she can't hear me,
but I did anyway!

I decided to go for a small walk around to see what was going on. These two stags seemed angry,
I wonder why? I stayed and watched for a bit, from a distance. I made sure the fawn didn't get too close.
The one with the white mask turned and looked at me so I left incase they got more angry.

As I was running around I found some squirrels and chased them for a bit. Everyone seemed a little boring today. Why doesn't anyone want to play anymore?
Pfft. Boring grown-ups. I kept chasing it till it escaped under some rocks at the big ruins.

But then I smelt something..

D...dag use..d to sit here lots. Dag? Why is the ground crying?

Im scared. Where is Dag?
The whole hill smelt. I-I don't know what that smell is but it frightens me.

I better go.

As I turned to head back to the tree, a little doe came across me. She was really really pretty. And nice! She never did tell me her name,
but we jumped around for a bit and played. Finally! A fun grown-up. She helped take my mind off that bad smell. There was another stag there too, he seemed
really calm and nice. The pretty doe and I continued to jump and play. I think I've made a new friend!
My Names Sterre! Whats yours?

I decided to show her home.

The pretty doe and I played and jumped, with another smaller deer too. So many new faces! I kept on
running around until I smelt a familiar scent. I decided to see who it was...

Rut! Ruuuut!

Im the best dancer I think. Rut has two left feet.

Then I smelt another deer..

The pretty doe ran off after him. He was big...

He has big antlers like that other stag...and his eyes are angry with the mask...
I better act calm, the others seem to like him. They will think I'm silly if I run..

After awhile we all sat down. He had a big voice, it frightened me a little. But he made me
laugh a lot and was really funny! He said his name was Gehirn. He knew my name too.
And Virgil! He said I was not hard to miss. Easy to recognise.

Why do they always say that?

I asked him to take off his mask to see what he looked like. He didn't even bite! Silly adults.
We all sat down after that. I fell asleep curled next to Gehirn. He made me feel safe.
I felt calm around him in the end. Familiar? I don't know.

I woke up the next day and wandered down to the pond. There was an odd buzzing noise...
Lots of flying bugs! I decided to splash them a little and jumped around and played.
They didn't seem to mind.

I met another small doe. She was a really good dancer. Hello! My name is Sterre! Whats yours?
We played and splashed around in the water before I led a small chase and play across the creek.
I jumped really well too, I didn't even miss!

Bunny! He is really cute!
Another fawn came over, they were a little scared but I made sure to tell them it was alright.
After awhile we all ran and jumped around. But then the bunny, deer and fawn ran off.
I couldn't see where they went. I decided to run and play off in the birch forest.
Tssshhhc. Tssshhhhc. The grass makes a nice noise there. I decided to practise my jumping
for when the others came back to play.

I didn't see those deer there before.


Scary teeth..they look like his antlers.. It looked like she had no...eyes

I found another fawn in the ruins! We jumped off all the high rocks. Im getting really good
at jumping I think. I had fun.

There you are! What is your name?
I liked playing with you.

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Hello there! I love your

Hello there! I love your screenshots!<3

I was the one who you were jumping around with the ruins with. :3 I kinda lost you when we were running around. xDD; Sorry about that.

Good lord she's a sweet

Good lord she's a sweet little thing.
Those drawings asfd
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I love reading these types of

I love reading these types of entries. So much!
I love Sterre, it's great to see her again. ^^
That's my Tori. Smiling Tori had a blast with her, she thought Sterre was a beautiful, fun doe.

I hope to see more of her!
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What an innocent mind, she

What an innocent mind, she has...
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Aww, these are great. I love

Aww, these are great. I love your screen shot blogs. The little illustrations are very charming too. Sterre is such a sweetie, it was nice to meet her, Herla enjoyed her company, hopefully we’ll get to meet again! <3

Oh gosh Sterre is bowing to

Oh gosh Sterre is bowing to the tree too ahhh so cute sdkfljaslk
Also yay Sterre drawings! Glad you decided to do them as well.

You are doing a great job of taking over her journal entries!
...I was grinning like a maniac at my laptop screen and now my family thinks I'm crazy.

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RainbowSnoopy: Yay! We had

RainbowSnoopy: Yay! We had lots of fun with you, I hope we can meet you again Smiling
xylv: dfgdsgdg thankyou <3
Kao: I am glad I know who that is now Smiling We had lots of fun, Tori is loads of fun!
Saosin: Indeed
Sight: Aww thankyou <3 Im glad we got to meet Herla, certainly was lots of fun. I hope they can meet again soon <3
Shimmy: Yesssss. Thankyou! I must admit those drawings are good fun 8D Im really glad to hear that, I was fretting for awhile, worried I would 'ravenflight' her too much, but she seems to be speaking for herself!
I grinned at that myself. YOUR FAMILY DOESNT EVEN UNDERSTAND. They need more sterre in their life.

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@Parrotspineapple Of course


Of course you can see the little fawn again! : D He's mostly at The Ruins, it's where he hides from unknown deers. xDD Not yours though! You got him to feel safe around your fellow~ And lots of fun! (Sorry for my grammer xDD;)

I am loving these diaries

I am loving these diaries <3