I haven't offered commissions on here in years but I recently shattered my phone screen and can't really afford to
replace it as art is my only source of income atm, so here we are. Unfortunately I lost most of my art so deer
examples are a little sparse :/ and quite old, but hopefully this is good enough of a sheet.


+ Payment through Paypal, all upfront unless a payment plan has been agreed to.
+ Equids and cervids only for now. (this includes fantasy species and hybrids/chimerae with mostly deer/horse anatomy.)
+ No NSFW or mecha.
+ Revisions are free unless you ask for a drastic change late in the process.
+ You're free to reupload and repost anywhere.
+ Prices may vary upon character complexity, with a possible 5-35% markup depending on how detailed your character is.
+ Expected turnout is 1-4 days.


(open image in new tab for full size)

Flat coloured
Headshots: 20$ | Halfbody: 30$ | Fullbody: 40$
Additional character: +100% of the price
+ Simple cel shading: 5$
+ Background: 5$

Shaded lines
Headshots: 30$ | Halfbody: 40$ | Fullbody: 50$
Additional character: +100% of the price
+ Background: 5-10$ depending on complexity

Full Illustration
Headshots: 50$ | Halfbody: 65$ | Fullbody: 75$
Additional character: +75$ of the price
+ Background included in price

further examples

Art I've done for TEFc in the past (Outdated) (characters belong to their respective owners)



if you are interested, please comment or contact me at witcher[at] for details.


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Just want to drop by and say

Just want to drop by and say your work is so amazing. Here's another bump for you. <3