[ Chaos is what makes me feel alive ]

Mature content might appear in this IC's bio

ID / size
Female / Elle Driver / Pescetarian

“We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting.” – Mao Tse-Tung

Physical: 20% | Mood: anxious
Agressive - Challenging - Unrestrained - Power-hungry - Obnoxious - Disrespectful - Impudent
Loner / rarely gets into any good relations / very moody and unpredictable of her actions / Not a predator, she only enjoys chaos /
Whole body is covered in scars and has scratched up water deer skull with some yellow marks.
She is able to move her tusks like this
M: Skull / A: Antelope / P: Devout

100% IC
This character can be killed and return. I didnt made this character to be over powered, Its mostly for a "fair-play"
Can be attacked by anyone at anytime, no need to tell me, if you wanna fight or just "observe" coming close to her, be prepared for a propably negative responce, especially in a fight.
I made this character for fun, to give the forest little action, and for those who want their characters to have some "fun" or be involved in anything with her, go on. <3
If you dont want your character to be involved, youre free to ignore.
For chat or fights/meetings contact me on my
Discord: Karaba#0349 or Maddie#0610 (yes, yes i use two Q.Q )

Found a new home with her siblings to heal their wounds and protect each other. Well the silence got interrupted by a stranger, all three stood there staring at the hybrid, a bit interested, until Karabas older brother approuched that creature little too close. Once it attacked it all happend, Karaba with her wounded body didnt wanted to leave her two siblings among that beast. Trying to fight her best, even tho she mightve die. Making some distance time to time to get some space from the fight. Once the beast stopped fighting and just stood there, all of the three siblings were confused, and didnt knew what to do. The creature didnt left after it was critically hit. Confusion made them think that its enough for now, Karaba limping with her brother and sister to their home tree to heal and rest for more than a week.
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interesting.. I'll keep an

interesting.. I'll keep an eye on this girl.
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