Good evening the deer said
Knowing that her love was dead

Bowed her head stepped aside
Doe walked off with a long stride

Stag ignored followed behind
Good evening you are a find

Flowing face legs of grace
Lay with me in yonder place

Doe says ordinary
I do not play or marry

To the long grass Doe went
Weary all emotion spent

Days moved passed safe at last
Live in present not the past

Restful sleep near the hill
Doe awakes and stag did fill

Love fog fills the Doe's mind
Rutting instinct did the bind

Poised and posed was the Doe
Stag intentions still not know

Ten days in others come
Dance begins near the tree hum

Doe makes for an escape
Stag steps up blocks with face cape

Whispered words by leader
Doe hears and heads to cedar

Bear it and a ring was said
Dishonoring her lover dead

Doe raged at the plan made
Family lines poisoned fade

Swore upon her lovers grave
She'd squash the head of that Knave Update 11/3/2020 Knave is squashed finally rah!