Cata's Endless Diary #1, 13-01-09

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I don't know if somebody would read this. I'm not sure if anyone is interested. But I somehow have the feeling to share my thoughts somewhere, to tell everybody who is inqusitive enough to click this what happened today.
First, let me start with a pictured report about my time in-forest this day. At first, I want to tell you what happened to my little daughter Paya. When she woke up near the birch forest, she thought it was a wonderful day and listened for some other deer, sociable as she always is. She went over to the pond, where a little group of deer stood around and casted some spells.
But when she bowed, she would be ignored. Nobody even took a look at her. So she left, lost and lonely with her disappointed expectation of a lovely day.
Why does nobody even tries to be friendly to fawns these days?

When I came in the forest after I gave her some nice words, I went over to the same group to see what they were doing. It seemed like one of them wanted to have a new set, so I tried to help. They seemed to be a nice herd, maybe Paya had just been too impatient.

Three of us ran through the whole forest to the playground and had some fun with playing mirror. A few fawns watched us and even got afraid. Meh, what scared little ones!
But then, they seemed to enjoy and watched inquisitive.

But then, the two ladies had to go. I kept being sad until I saw a blue stag with antlers, similar to mine, sitting next to twin gods hill. I knew his picto from somewhere, so I stopped at his place and bowed. He stood up and welcomed me. After that, we hopped around a little, it was great fun! I discovered a wonderful pace that was overlooked by me until that moment: a small field of grass where the sunlight falls onto. Me and the other stag rested there for a while.

After that, one of the two does with which I had been on the playground with returned! I nuzzled her in joy and started a little happy-deer-party so that many others joined. =) That was all nice.
But suddenly the blue stag ran away, and when I listened for him I understood why: Poltergeist was there! I was so happy to see her again, so I greeted her excitedly. :>

It was so nice to see the blue doe again, and she obviously seemed to enjoy seeing me, too, because we went a little farer away from the big group and had some fun. She did the afraid-move many times and I wondered a little why, but I joined anyways. ^^ Maybe she's meant the loud skull-mask-shouts that a few deer called around through the forest? I always thought that is a scary sound!

But then, unfortunately, Poltergeist had to go! D:> I was really sad. The doe who were on the playground with me and the other seemed to be sad, too, but I couldn't stop being sad for Poltergeist before she disappeared...

After that, I asked myself where the blue stag had gone. I found him, sitting far away from the big group. He seemed to be sad about something, or deep in thoughts... I sat down next to him, but then he suddenly went off.

I was all alone now. I somehow didn't feel like joining the herd again. So I left, keeping the memory of finding some new friends and having a great time today.

And yes, last but not least: while I had spent some time with the other deer, I saw a fawn running around that had a picto which I knew from somewhere! Of course - it was VERY similar to my daughter's pictogram! When I told her, she wanted to see it immediately, and so I caught a great shot of two fawns with similar pictos, finding some little friendship between the loud and discourteous adults...

That was it so far. See you in the forest.

I hope you enjoyed... :> Sorry about any mistakes in my english... >.< xD
I'd love to get to know some of the deer Cata met today! I think you'll recognize your picto on some of the pictures... would you tell me that you were it? Eye
See you, Catahecassa
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Actually, Yori kept jumping

Actually, Yori kept jumping over them, so Polt feared he'd hit her once with those hooves! XD Also, the blue stag with antlers like yours is Loque, a good friend to Polt! I guess that's also why he went off to see her XD She was doubtfull about going to the group.

Hey Cata! I was happy to see you too! Misako was in with another deer actually, and didn't have long, so I had to go soon. But when she saw you and Loque were online, I forced her to let me in! Even if it was for a short while. And yeah, the whole fearing thing was about Yori! XD I tried to stand on my hind legs to block his way, too, but that didn't really work! I'm not a crowds person, but I did my best today! I'm glad I knew a lot of deer in that group.
Loque is a lot like my protector. We kinda have a history! He's way too calm for such a big group too, haha! I saw him standing/sitting by the side for quite some time, but I knows he rather sees me play around as sitting with him.
I hope to see you again soon!

--Stays a lonely Seele
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HEYY XD the blue stag was

the blue stag was me!.. or actually it was my stag Loque.
indeed he was in a bit sad about something.. and he doesnt really like big crowds, but i crashed like 2 times xD thats why i went off. he had alot of fun with you though! *Nuzzles ^^
hope to meet you again once Laughing out loud

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You helped me with my set!!

You helped me with my set!! *nuzzle* and we played together on the playground!<33
it was really funny! ^^ <333
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@Seele: Ha, thanks for

@Seele: Ha, thanks for commenting :>
Okay, so that was why you left! ^^ Well, I'm happy for the time we had, doesn't matter how short it was...
And actually, I am not the one who is all around in big groups either... but like you can read, there were some friends of mine, too, so I didn't care for this moment... ^^
Who of them is Yori? The red stag with the skull mask? Whoo, poor Polt, but remember, you had Loque AND me to protect you. n.n
I really hope to see you soon, too! <3

@Raiakira: Oh, hi! :> I think I read your bio once, that's where I knew Loque's picto from! Thanks for telling me, it was fun with you! Loque's a great hopper! ^^ But what was he sad about?
I really hope to CU soon! <3

@Sunfyra: Heyy! This was you! =D
I hope it's true that your deer is a doe? If not, I'm sorry for writing this in the diary entry. ^^
See ya hopefully! Ooh

Catahecassa & Payakootha

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu
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LOL Loque the hopper

LOL Loque the hopper xDDD
weelll he had some troubles with his mate, but its okay now xD i bet next time he sees you he would be more cheerfull ^^!!

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Yes, my Joy is a

Yes, my Joy is a "lady"^^*nuzzles*<333 see you in the forest!!! (i hope x) )
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@Raiakira: Oh, I'm sorry for

@Raiakira: Oh, I'm sorry for that... But I'm glad that everything is okay now... ^^ Yeah, I hope so! =D

@Sunfyra: Okay, thanks n.n Cata really hopes to see her/others of your deer soon! Smiling

Catahecassa & Payakootha

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu