Bugs - Spinning Non Stop

I played this a long time ago and got nostalgic and decided to download it again. Wonderful to see it is still around and people are still active. But I have a problem where the scene does not stop spinning. That and when I try to set it up to be my default screensaver, my computer rejects it.

Any advice?

I believe the actual

I believe the actual screensaver aspect of this game broke awhile ago, unfortunately :c

As far as the spinning part goes, maybe someone else has more info on that, I unfortunately don't have any help for that x_x

So I brought down the default

So I brought down the default rotation speed and that worked.

For the Screensaver loading, I get a Error Loading q3d file...? and then an "Error Starting Quest3D Screen Saver Viewer. Please Reinstall Screen Saver."

Should I uninstall and reinstall then?

Thanks for the Response

Thanks for the Response SingaReindeer! ^_^

Hmm bugs. Have a program

Hmm bugs. Have a program that would eat bugs? I suppose deer eat bugs while grazing grass. Could befriend a bug if it was a cuddle bug--might be useful especially with the dark times of Halloween just around the corner lurking.