bleed but darling don't plead

IC Character. Troublemaker.
Damage always accounted.

Brossa · Male · Size · Carnivore

Updates 29.07.2020
Went to the pond to drink some cold fresh water. Noticed a group nearby with a young small creature (Nuzya).
Quickly noticed that the adults seem to be protective of it. Took the opportunity to chase and fake attacking the young one, just to provoke the adults.
Everything went as planned and a combat began. Involved Hrókr, Mischief and Severon. Eventually went off with some deep puncture wounds especially on his belly, several bites and some bruises.
Just shortly after got approached by another new face (Jae). Endet up in a combat with him aswell. Because Brossa enjoys it way to much and once he started he can't stop..
However, the combat didn't last long. Very soon Brossa got out of breath and energy. Made his retreat with some additional bruises and bites.
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