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Name: Yumi
Whole name:Yumiko
  • The name consisting of the elements yu bow and mi - beauty Literally - fragrant beauty.
  • Beautiful, helpful baby
The size:7 or 28
House:never thought about it just lays down where it is convenient. But she feels comfortable at home next to her friends.

Basic traits: love for nature, life in all its manifestations, a keen sense of aesthetics, beauty, is inclined to see in everything that happens around only the best and most beautiful.
Character:Sociable, sympathetic, curious, generous, able to sympathize, energetic, sometimes lazy, humble.
Also a lot afraid of, but because of the curiosity this is not noticeable.

The first time when Yumi came in this wood. The first impression - wood seemed peaceful quiet and bright but after learned what he can be colorful and noisy


  • holidays
  • flowers
  • candles
  • little things
  • bunnies
  • big groups
  • lie down or to sleep
  • the pond
  • learn new deer



Goro-ma -showed the wonders of the forest, taught a lot and is always friendly, very unpredictable and funny. Thankful (promoted to dad.who brew*
James - became a good friend with him always fun though sometimes too unpredictable and comfort is always felt
Jihei (deadooshqa) - to be honest, at first, I did not understand him, but after we became good friends, and now it seems that we were always familiar*
Warlett - energetic always seems joyful and can make a warm company
Jonquil - immediately seemed nice and made friends quickly because she is very sociable
Altijd - can always laugh and cheer up*
Zirkøn - funny company sometimes surprisingly calm seems very caring
Elian - pleasant, caring, it is always nice to be near her
Cu - energetic (sometimes it seems that he does not know how to tire) there are constantly a lot of deer around him. It seems when he enters the game begins some kind of holiday
Hautakumpu - seemed caring and a little funny was very glad when we became friends
Sans - funny centaur next to him, you can relax and over him, you can laugh a little (loves to surprise brother owo)
Ra - friends for a very long time even though he became not a frequent visitor in the woods anyway glad to see him at some moments replaced the family
Pagan - such a warm, pleasant company, but sometimes it can be fast and energetic
Metsänkaiku - caring is probably the first impression the second is a funny truth shy lady(it's nice to know that there is such a friend)
Sanga - it is always close by sometimes surprised how quickly he finds a common language with everyone.
Jonah - considers him friendly, great company (I'm happy to see you) *
Feofan - the meeting was quite strange but it was even funny. Really like his company in it, she feels warm and caring, even began to teach her some tricks*
Arabella - the active campaign made a great impression and recently very pleased that I learned this deer*
Polypus - a funny company often began to see a lot in common
Urschanabi - cheerful company, introduced to many deer and always nice to see
OOCer - it seems they are more often called the fawn) but at least they met not so long ago found a common language
|jun|(OOC) - surprisingly very interested and managed to get to know him a little*
Starling - I know not so long but only joyful and funny moments are connected with it*
Mafyn -I spent not so much time together but it seems I already understood well and thinks that this is a wonderful company.*
Doitsu - cheerful company is always a pleasure to play with him. Considers it fun and energetic
Elijah - met a couple of times and thinks they communicate well. At times I felt his friendliness and care.*
Lupen - the meeting was remembered only by energy and fun and I still remember
Alligator - unfortunately, the baby still has no name. But when he was an egg it was fun to watch him and those who visited him
Hana - together with Arabella, this campaign probably will not notice how an hour or more will pass. I remember a lot of funny moments
Tamato - nice company, with him time flies very quickly and knows how to intrigue her
Mici - this little lady can be very elegant sweet and timid
Ake - adores to scare surprise and run. Sometimes surprisingly can calm. But if he is calm, you can do whatever you want with him
Repodus -cheerful and sociable guy with him you can make a loud noise
I like absolutely everything



* * * *

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Oh very cute bio! Hello there

Oh very cute bio!
Hello there Yumi Smiling
Icon © Sluggs
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Thanks Eye
kseniamokhova's picture

I remember this child who

I remember this child who warmed me

picture by me&Jessickalor

Kumu's picture

you also warmed and amused

you also warmed and amused her
whiskeybeast's picture

hey, yu.

hey, yu.
Kumu's picture

glad to see you ro As always

glad to see you ro
As always unpredictable)
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Track! Smiling
Uitleger's picture

Hello Yumi.

Hello Yumi.
Sybilline's picture

Hey hey~

Hey hey~
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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Uitleger: ^^ Urschanabi:

Uitleger: ^^
Urschanabi: Hello
Sybilline: welcome Laughing out loud
RihannaFenty's picture

Hey, little lamb c:

Hey, little lamb c:
SloupSoup's picture

Hello there! Seen you since

Hello there! Seen you since you came into forest but didnt had the opportunity to meet. Happy to see you in the community. c:
by Hautakumpu
Kumu's picture

Arabella:Hi glad to see you

Arabella:Hi glad to see you here)
SloupSoup:Thanks. Well, now we have to meet I'm sure we'll find common language :3
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Good job) And for Ra Yumi,

Good job)
And for Ra Yumi, too, has become a good friend sometimes believes its its small the sister
Kumu's picture

Thanks. It's cute)

It's cute)

Well, hello to Yumi. Always

Well, hello to Yumi. Always lovely company.
Kumu's picture

Hello and thank you I also

Hello and thank you
I also really liked your company especially friendliness)

* sounds of emotion * i love

* sounds of emotion *
i love to spend my time with you! such a small and pleasant bundle of joy. thank you for not letting me get bored!

your Tamato.
Kumu's picture

Oh thanks. You also gave me

Oh thanks.
You also gave me joy ^^
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Oh! Track

Oh! Track <3
Kumu's picture

nice seeing you :3

nice seeing you :3
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Hi Kumu, finally found this

Hi Kumu,
finally found this bio (a nice one and lovely pictures of your deer)
Cu and me had so much fun with Yumi and you. We should definetively play more often together.
If there are too many deers around Cu, just come along and play or "tell" him to follow you to a place, more quiet.

siggi by Sybilline
Kumu's picture

Hello and thanks. I fully

Hello and thanks.
I fully agree with your proposal.
Yumi sometimes even fun look as many deer gather around Cu I think that this helps many deer make friends
Well, from the outside it looks fun ^^
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(No subject)

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you're definitely the best

you're definitely the best photographer Laughing out loud
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hellow there yumi this

hellow there yumi Smiling
this character/bio is so adorable ~ Big hug from Mici~ ^^
Kumu's picture

Thank you, that's very kind

Thank you, that's very kind Eye
AkeJLJLa's picture

Oh, the little rabbit has

Oh, the little rabbit has become more sociable) (I regret that I have not visited before, now I will correct everything)
I like this bio looks very gentle and just right for Yumi
Hmm, now you're not a little rabbit, but a big rabbit ^^
Kumu's picture

Oh you here it is unexpected.

Oh you here it is unexpected. I haven't seen you for a long time. I need to know how it works. Sticking out tongue
But thanks^^. And why am I a rabbit and even a little.I've always been and will be a big rabbit owo
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Always glad to see you in the

Always glad to see you in the forest Smiling
by saturnia

Kumu's picture

mutually ^w^

mutually ^w^
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hewWO best screaming chum


best screaming chum

by Draak

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O hi ^v^ good noise it should

O hi ^v^
good noise it should be repeat
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she grew up.. I want to touch

she grew up..
I want to touch the fur.

picture by me&Jessickalor

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henlo, whoa what a beauty i'm

henlo, whoa what a beauty i'm in lov
Kumu's picture

Yes, but still if you compare

Yes, but still if you compare with Feofan she's small. And wool can be compare with wool chinchillas (perhaps but I know that she soft and warm) owo

Thanks Luz (you made me laugh a little) <3
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Gently But probably she was

But probably she was very hot in the summer? ;-;
Kumu's picture

so she tries to stay close to

so she tries to stay close to the water or to the shadow