A Bio? Why not - some infos about Cu (riosity)

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After three years (I was playing TEF since Oct 2007) I decided to make a bio-thing for my Deer Cu. Dont expect too much. I am really lazy. I have no much time and my english is not really good enough to explain what I want to say.
There is also one thing I want to say to my nickname: Pink. I choosen it because I love the singer/songwriter Pink. Her music is great and her lyrics too. And she is such a cool woman!

very sad reason to refresh my bio: my best buddy in TEF has gone now to a better place - Flyleaf, he died at the end because of his illness on July 24, 2018 - you never will be forgotten!

Here we go:

Name: Cu (from Curiosity)
Gender: male
Mate: non - til now and maybe forever - but: never say never
There are so many nice does in the forest, sometimes I wish, I could had a Harem Eye
age: ageless, he feels sometimes like a little fawn and othertimes like an grumpy old stag
(but exactly he was born on 2007 10 29 - he is a halloween thingy, thats why he is acting strange from time to time; if you wonder why, just ignore him!)
He likes: his friends
He dislikes: when his friends are not around

He is a kind of a wanderer. He is looking for something but hasn´t found it yet. Thats why he mostly couldn´t stay at the same place for a longer time. And sometimes he felt so outside of everything.

Most of the time he wears the realdeer mask and normal antlers with candles (love the glowing when it is dark) and the darker brown pelt with brighter belly
Cu also loves to be a Minideer (because he likes minis a lot)
Picto: http://tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/register/pictogram.php?username=Pink
(special thanks to starling)

"normal" version 2013 10 19 001 "halloween" version

He likes most of You
He dislikes some of You
But he always try to be gentle to all of you!

And I love YOUR Art at the community side. I think you`re all great artists!

One thing to say: sometimes, Cu loves to do "Hug-Attack". He run to every deer which is near and hug them for no reason, only to see what happens.

OK, little story about how Cu get like he is:

Once upon a time, he was a little happy deer in a big dark forest. He has a family (Father, Mother, bigger brother and two younger Twin-Sisters) and the living was very easy.
Then some unbelievable accidents happens to the members of his family which bring them all to death. His father was killed (and eaten) by a big Grizzlybear, his mother drownd in a river at springtime, his brother was hidden by an old tree and his little sisters died when they try to climb to a big rock.
Cu was always there when the accidents happens and at the end he feels like "why does it happen to them but not to me?" And his Heart was broken for the first time.
After this he runs alone in the forest and was waiting for something but dosent know for what. A while ago he met a very nice doe, the nicest cutest deer he every had met. And they were very closed together all day long. Cu likes her sweet smell, her big bright green eyes, her long and slim legs and her smooth and shiny pelt. He think the sadness has an end and he could be happy til he die. But like we all know, live isn´t easy like this!
At Falltime a new Stag arrived in the forest and he was bigger, taller, stronger than Cu. And looks amazing to the does. His Doe too. Cu was so sad and angry and he try to bring his love away from the fascinating stranger. But he has no chance. At the end Cu and the other Stag begun to fight and it was horrible. His beloved Doe try to make them stop and she was wounded by Cu! Cu getting absolutely shocked that his sweet love was hurt by himself that he run away. And the other Stag make out his chance and benefit from.
Cu was irritated and totaly down by what happend. He run at the darkest point in the forest and hide under a big rock. There he sit and all the pain comes to him and he silently starting to cry. At this time his heart was broken for the second time.
A long time goes by and at the end Cu starts to run away from this place where everything remembers him at what he has done. Then he came to this lovely, shiny, bright forest and he said to himself: I´ll stay at this place. Maybe Cu found another life here where everything is so nice.
He has met a lot of deers and the most of them where friendly to him. And in the future - maybe - he will find another Doe which he can be in love with.

Some pictures which are done by others (thank you so much!):

2dv4we9@Abina bf3ub7 @LambFleece @Edmund PlushDeer_CuPink @Pegasicorn Cu by Edmund @Shadowchild
2012 Cu von wingeddeer @wingeddeer cu~bg @Bu Cu by Alice V @ JackStrauss

@starling @starling (Cu Vala Fly) cucree_by_glitchjey101-d82ogwt @jennie @ starfox - Vala, Fly + Cu
@ W0lfclaw (Tesco and Cu)
@ kamaya(Cu, Fly, Vala) @ Kaoori (my two treasures Vala + Fly) and @ In/Tamabird (my Cu requested by Vala)
@ Starling @Uitleger @Uitleger @Uitleger @Uitleger @Uitleger (Lem at bottom, Starling in middle, Cu at top)
@Sybilline @phantomhelsing
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Hello sweetn little

Hello sweetn little Vala,
best wishes for you, too. so neat of you, that you thinking of my "old" Cu.
And you did the 1000 ths comment!!!! Yeah, waited so long for this! Eye

hey, this side is mine Eye ;-) Eye
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Thanks for the company at the

Thanks for the company at the idol, after I couldn't keep up with the fun, yesterday. Was all partied out eheh.
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Sending forest hugs your way

Sending forest hugs your way ♥ ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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so many deers in town! so

so many deers in town! so many new and old deer. Cu and me are excited.
but I got a problem. I see that some deer have some pelt which were "banned" in formerly times (black, red and apricot). I like it very much thats not the problem. and I would really like it, to see it more often in game.

I cant see all of the pictos at the moment, some are clear, many are little yellow blocks, and I see "invisible" deer! with block-picto - thats really scary, crazy but funny too! (reminds me at: I CAN SEE DEAD PEOPLE from a film).
But I cannot see who is this, which is greating, huging me. So if I dont reacting like I should do, please be gentle. I try my best and hope that things will turn normally soon.
I think it is because Micheal and Auriea are working at the game.
so we will see and hope
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Hi <3

I see that some deer have some pelt which were "banned" in formerly times (black, red and apricot).

Some of the donation perks toward the fundraising of the "new" game allowed players to have access to these pelts. They have been obtained fairly so don't panic. only players who donated X amount are able to access those special pelts though!

I cant see all of the pictos at the moment, some are clear, many are little yellow blocks, and I see "invisible" deer!

That's really strange! Shouldn't be happening. Do you have more than one version of TEF installed on your pc? Try to uninstall everything and reinstall the latest version if so. If not, I'm stumped!
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Hey starling, thank you so

Hey starling,
thank you so much for your quick answering.
with the pelts it is OK, I dont wanna blame anybody, they do deserve this so much!

I have more than one version on my pc but only in separate folders.
I try to uninstall and reinstall like you say (but I try it the next weekend because I wanna run a little bit in forest and then go to bed)

so thanks again sweet starling; see you Eye
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LOL whiskey, didn´t know that

LOL whiskey, didn´t know that this mask can do "magic".
very funny
Cu was very happy that he found a real strong "sparring partner".
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the "strong sparring partner"

the "strong sparring partner" was also very happy that evening.
thank you for the company once again, giant cu.
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Thanks for the fun!

Thanks for the fun!