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some little candles for a little deer ;-)

Hey guys, I hate to ask for it (because I do it bevore and I could nothing do for you)

My little Cu lost his candles (because "his owner" Pink is sometimes such a stupid littls a....., he lost things like this from time to time. Eye
I dont wanna wait till Oktober, its a long time and I really like the glowing when weather is dark (like at the moment).

So please, if you are able to cast the candles, give it to me and I will gave you a place in my heart forever!
and a hug if you like one or two or three.

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Fly and Honey (and mysterious frog)

2012 09 09 Fly an Honey

Fly and Honeyfur (Sage)

2012 09 09 Fly an Honey and frog 1

"Mysterious" frog, Fly, little Cu, Sage
(nice buts, by the way) lol
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screenies from yesterday and day before - warning! a lot of pictures - plus: playfight between Saosin and Yori

The last two days in the forest where full of happyness, strangeness and (play)-fights

Here are some of my pictures:

Cu met this group of deers. He wants to know who is who, especially the deer with the golden horns!

Yay, minifawn Cu loves them very much.

Cu met a new deer and makes him mini. Hope he likes it?!

Clones, like it!

Watching the others...

Yori and Cu are watching about the sleep of the other

Dancelines, yeah

Watching the "enemy"

Staring contest

Sitting in the old oak

Saosin at playground and (who is the other stag? Cu met you before.

Looks like you have a lot of fun guys (seeing Kaori and nuevapaz)
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(a lot of!) Screenies from the 13th and 14th of September2009

Hi everybody, yesterday and the day before yesterday Cu had so much fun with some of you.

Please answer, if you´re on a screenie.

Here we go:

Raffles and Cu posing at playground

Raffles at the tree

Tailes (I think so), Cu and Raffles

I don´t know who this is, but it take tons of time to make him/her mini, but finally I did it!

Then Cu saw a ghost Eye No it is Mozart

Posing for the camera

Staring contest (I think Mozart win because Cu felt asleep)

After changing my "coat" because of wetness I met these guys

Sitting at the ruins and hear the rain falling

on the right side is tukha/quammy and on the left side ?

Sitting in the rain...

... more "rain-sitters" (after that we began to dance)

After that Cu met SS and we change pelts and try airsitting

Heia, run flicka run

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pictures from Saturday 22, 2009 - Big Herd walking

Yesterday it was a great day in the forest.

First I met Custard

Then there was Emily (hey Emily Cu was so happy that he met you and after this he spells you to a minideer) hope it was right??

After that Cu got a strange feeling, he was sad and angry an he grows (and you know growing Stags need some food, so Cu got to the pond and found a little "dove-snack".

After this little refreshment Cu was playing at the ruins

He likes airsitting, but wait do you see the stags in the backround?!

They are coming

A defilee (walk past): First our Leader

Then several deers of the group (sorry I dont get all of you)

And it ends at the playground with a little dance

Thanks to all of you! Thats why I love the forest!
And special thanks to that red deer with skull mask and the big red antlers, you where so friendly to Cu, but he was a bit strange (I think he eats to much mushrooms, than he gets angry and sad and attacks trees).

See you in the forest!
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Screenshots from Thursday, 18 - 2009 - SS, Laruna and ?

Cu met you on Thursday and we had much fun!

Wow, I met the three stooges (Does anybody know this TV-Series, hm, okay its an very old one?)

Laruna as a grey gazelle - come here to me!

And, and now: the fantastic four Eye

Oh no, they are following me!

He, he I see Laruna and SS but don´t know who the others were?!

Cu was very happy to play with you.

See you
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Screenshots from last Saturday August 08, 2009 - Minitime

Last Saturday we make a little mini party.

Vala and Sphyrre on Playground:

From left to the right: Vala, Cu, Raffles, Sphyrre - Mini "on the rocks":-)

Linedance with an unknown Deer and a cute fawn:

And here we have a nice GIANT Vala-Deer:

See you (perhaps next weekend?)
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Happy Birthday VALA-Deer!

Hi Vala-Deer,

I wish you a very happy Birthday!

I bring some Flowers for your deer.

and some cookies

or do you prefer a bit of cake

anyway, I wish you always a clear sunny blue sky

much of tasty green grass

every Day good company

and dont eat to much mushrooms

Enjoy your Bithday, best wishes from your Dee(a)rfriend Cu Eye

P.S. I know it´s a bit early but I would not have the time to celebrate your Birthday (too sad)

See you in the forest!
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Pictures from Friday July 17.

I came late, I know but Raffels was there and Adonis! Yay and I make some pictures.

An airsleeping SS

We run after onyxsoulclaw and I get this rare picture because my internet crashes

Airsitting with Raffles

Dancing with Raffles and these two nice deers (who are you?)

Dancing with Adonis (he was in the air) and on the right side it is Terabetha I think

Airdancing with Adonis

Mushroom-Sitting with Adonis

Twenty-One, Adonis and Cu after the dance

Sitting with Walter (OMG I can´t believe it) under the willow so friendly and peacefull (but than he felt asleep and I changed his pelt by accident and when he woke up he was very angry!) LOL

Thank you for dancing with Cu! It was such a nice night and I had much fun. And a special thank and hug for TAE who gave me this adorable outfit!

See you in the forest
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