Bio of R'Dikjayhl

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Name: R'Dikjayhl
Nickname: R'Dik
Gender: Stag
Set: Orca or DotD pelt, long mask, Secretary bird antlers
Mate: None
Picto: X
How To Remember: Like a sideways R and J
Friends: Iaurdagnire, Nevi, Ben, Riptail, Seed

Personality: R'Dik thinks of himself as neutral, he doesn't make friends that easily but doesn't push anyone away either. If someone comes close to him he bows and waits to see what the other has in mind. Sometimes he bursts into hopping around the arrival. If the other just stands there R'Dik may ignore him/her untill something happens. He tries to be polite to the guest deer, though he might not notice them right away in the middle of dancing or casting spells.

R'Dik is very playful (for example he'd love galloping around in the Forest with someone without any reason, but he doesn't want to look like a crazy stalker) yet tries to act like an old stag every now and then. He doesn't like fighting but is willing to do it anyway if needed. R'Dik gets bored fairly easily. He's very quiet, if he moos it's most likely by accident.

R'Dikjayhl wanders in the Forest without a destination if he doesn't see any familiar pictos. He'll greet anyone coming close enough, but if a friend of his appears he might run off after bowing.

R'Dik likes to sleep behind the Crying Idol, at the border of two different forest areas.

Likes: -Ruins
-the willows at the Pond
-the tall grass in the Birch Forest
-getting spellspammed
-shapeshift spells

Dislikes: -noisy fawns/adults
-getting the Devout pelt cast upon him

by Serpanther
by OceanWaves
by Uitleger

by Moogie

Thank you everyone! ^^

How To Understand:
Any single emotion means the emotion used.
I might leave R'Dik to lay in the Forest while I do something else, so my deer usually idles quite a bit.

Mooing; Pressed by accident. If R'Dik moos a lot he is distressed in some way. (so far no need for this)
Scratch the ground, Nod, walk a bit, stop (perhaps added Scratch the ground, Nod); R'Dik wants you to follow.
(sometimes Sad before:) Scratch the ground, Nod; He wants you to do something, if he does it next to a sleeping deer, R'Dik wants pelt spell to be cast on him, or next to a tree he wants the mask/antler spell to be cast.
Listen, turn, Amazement, Bow; R'Dik has noticed a friend of his and is going to see them.
Rear, Laugh; R'Dik is playing, not hostile.
Sad, Bow, Lay down; I have to leave the forest.
Sad, Scratch, Nod, Lay down; I'll be away for a while with or without leaving the forest but intend to come back.
A lot of different kind of emotes; I've misplaced my hotkeys or pressed a wrong one. Laughing out loud
If he walks under you as an animal; it's like Nuzzle. Since the little creatures have such a limited animation, R'Dik walks under you to get the Aura of Love effect to compensate for the lack of Nuzzle emotion. Sorry if it's annoying or confusing.

Sad and Shake head simultaneuosly; He's thinking along the lines of: "Oh for..." "Sigh" or "Kids these days..."
Shake head, Taunt: R'Dik wants to be alone.
Taunt, Angry: R'Dik is angry and probably would be best left alone. If added Rear he is willing to attack.
(not really used)

If there's anything else, ask. I'll update this again when I remember more about R'Dik.
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You didn't confuse me, I've

You didn't confuse me, I've seen that behaviour before.
Glad I could help!
If you can't confuse people with your intelligence, amaze them with your bull****.
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8 years later, what a

8 years later, what a surprise. Hey there.
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Yup, here again, hi.

Yup, here again, hi. Laughing out loud
If you can't confuse people with your intelligence, amaze them with your bull****.
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Good to see you in the forest

Good to see you in the forest again! Been a while ;; <3 How have you been?
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Haha yeah, saw your deer

Haha yeah, saw your deer approach me and I wondered how does this deer know R'Dik? Zoomed in and recognized the picto. Smiling
Hi! Indeed it's been a while. Things are good, kinda accidentally ended up in the Forest again. What have I missed?
If you can't confuse people with your intelligence, amaze them with your bull****.
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Had to come over to check if

Had to come over to check if the picto belonged to the one I thought it would, happy surprise when it did.
That's one good accident I would say. What have you missed, hm. WELL-... A whole a lot has happened in 8 years or so, heh!

I have to log out, though. Was good seeing you, even though it was brief. IRL calls and so forth. If you have discord you could add me; Kaunako#2487 Cool
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Sent a friend request! I saw

Sent a friend request!
I saw some new antlers and masks in the Forest. o.o And the new pictos are so different now.
But yes, IRL first.
If you can't confuse people with your intelligence, amaze them with your bull****.
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Great pond party yesterday.

Great pond party yesterday. See you around.