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So I guess I'm back? After 5 years of no TEF. I have no idea what I've missed, but the game seems to be pretty much the same. Tho I did see some new mask and pelt combo. Sticking out tongue R'dikjayhl is back in the Forest with his old set, too.
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A kingdom for a pelt given to Misako!

Sorry for this again, but I need assistance to get the DotD pelt. I was stupid and lost it. 8(

I'm online right now, and will be until otherwise told. I'll edit this and the title so you know when to ignore this.

Currently I'm near the Twin Gods Hill, I have orca pelt, long mask and secretary antlers.
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2 years

O hi.
Apparently I've been a member of this community for two whole years, tho last year I was pretty much absent. Summer is here again and so am I it seems.

I'll probably do some changes to R'Dikjayhl. I can't say how much I'll be playing though.
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Candid camera

I took a lot of pics today. Tried to make them closeups but not all are. There's too much of them to post here, and too many deer to list their pictos here. Yes, I'm lazy but I don't even know the names of most of them.

If you'd like to know if I have a pics of your deer, go ahead and ask. I know that I have pics of Riptail, Cutlass, Sluggs, Vala, Ren, Laurette, Raimundo and Envy. Or at least those pictos I regocnized.
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In request of advice

I'd like to know how to make the "read more" cut in these blogs.
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Pictures from the past days and beyond

We have front seats to a fight! Laughing out loud

A small picto thief from last week.

This is from way back, when the BZD first came this year. A dancing corridor to the sleeping BZD.


Some pics of the little godly visits last weekend.

R'Dikjayhl meets with a huge candle for the first time, but not the last:

Nevi and R'Dik as they looked like as fawns. ^^

Iaurdagnire and Saosin are chilling out under a mushroom.

Minifawns are performing! Laughing out loud

Mini Riptail is adorable.

What would be more romantic than taking a night walk in candle light on the banks of blood river? Laughing out loud

I'm not saying that those two are dating.

Aaand someone wanted to see close up birds, sometime somewhere...
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School has started

September 4:
Yesterday I finally got my internet connection to work at the school so I can check this site and webcomics. I don't know if I am able to be in the Forest though, as my classmates require my attention more than I'd like. But at least I can keep up with the news.

August 23:
Tomorrow, Monday 24.8. I shall depart for this mansion where I am to be taught things. I am sent away every Friday so I spend weekends at home. We are allowed to access Internet daily 6-22 o'clock, but I assume there will be a lot of activities besides learning so I don't know how much I will be online.

But I haven't been that active lately, so who cares. I'm still in the middle of packing and I still use my laptop and toothbrush and various other things so I can't pack everything yet. 12½h to depart for the school grounds.

I think I'll visit the Forest once more tonight before sleeping...
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Lex's meme filled with R'Dik

A word of warning: I used mouse and did this quite fast...
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Invisible pictures of dancing! (added huge pics)

^^ Thank you for arranging the dance event, R'Dik had fun time. Though I spent a lot of time playing paparazzi instead of having R'Dik dance. Sticking out tongue Trying to get good pics of dancing deer is difficult, espesially if there's other deer jumping in front of them. Laughing out loud I got couple interesting pictures like that.

I would post pics here but there's so many of them I don't want to choose and crop so many and then post them on photobucket and then here and I'm lazy.

If you were at the Playground and want to know if I got a pic of your deer, please inform me. I got a few pics that have only one deer (well there's enough space around him/her to stand out and is easy to crop), mostly just close-ups from deer with other deer behind them or around them so you'd have to crop a lot to get just the deer you want. IF anyone is interested... Sticking out tongue You can easily get close-ups from your deer yourself.

There were lot of deer around you so taking good pics of you was difficult,

But I was able to get these! ^^

And this was some day before the dance...
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Absense from everything. Edited

Things are looking better now, more or less back to normal. It seems like I can use my laptop again as much I want, but something has clearly changed. I suspect I could have returned earlier yet I decided to wait. I'm still a bit uncertain what will happend if anything. However I'm back. ^^

I'm not sure what's going on, but for the while I most likely cannot get online. This is but a moment I stole, and explaining things would take too much. Crazy things. Everyone here is confused, distressed, waiting and not themselves. I don't know how long this is going to take, it might be nothing and be just for today, but it could take until I start studying again in late August when I know I can sit by my laptop, even for a limited time.

Sorry for this and I will miss you. Feel free to comment, I don't know when I can get to read them though. I don't want this but there's nothing I can do for anything.

Oh, and you who put that new Eurovision song on their blog, Fairytale, now everytime I hear that song I instantly start to think about this community and all the nice deer people in it. <3 I do not remember anymore who it was, I found the blog soon after I joined and let it stay on a tab while I browsed around the community.
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