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physical 100% x emotional 100% x thoughts dawn is coming, open your eyes.

it starts.
notes; forever will be almost entirely ic. also, as of right now only the middle song works above. i will fix it later.

woke up, alone in the forest. waddled about for a bit, she found that many others were sleeping
like she'd been. finally, she ran into another awoken deer, a deer who she promptly nicknamed "blossom", because of the flowers adorning their antlers.
she eventually wandered out of blossom's eyesight, and ended up lost near a cemetary, where
two majestic stags were on watch. she found this place quite unsettling and continued on with haste.
as the sun set, she encountered another deer, whose name was imogen. they looked very intimidating, but she was brave, and offered them a dance, which they politely declined and moved into the horizon.


forever, she who dreamt.
age: adult
pronouns: any
ref: x
picto: x
size: 26

passionate / down to earth / curious / snide / clumsy

- you may catch her with her eyes glued to a frog pond or ant hive, she thoroughly enjoys watching smaller beings move about; the little details excite her, the font of activity stimulates her

- she smells faintly of burnt oak and, inexplicably, raspberry jam

- often seen prancing about pridefully because she found another cool rock to look at

- childlike wonder adorns her heart, however her past plagues her just as much; what she doesn't remember, the spirits that have left her to rest, are her greatest vice.

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a pretty

a pretty
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eeee :weepy:

eeee :weepy: