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Arantzazu [ a-RAN-tsa-soo ] - Female - #21 - Red deer - porcupine hybrid

Aran looks very stern and serious on the outside, but on the contrary, she is very friendly and very motherly, so certainly, whoever is in her presence she will always take care of and protect them.
Her thorns serve as a barrier against any enemies, so if possible Aran will always lie down on top of the person she's trying to protect, giving the enemy taste of her spikes and tail!
Quite sociable and always polite, so she always tries to incorporate if possible, but always leaves room for others when she decides to keep someone company.


First comment c: mamaaaaa,

First comment c:

mamaaaaa, oooooooo

Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast

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awww track!

awww track!