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I'm so sorry for just vanishing on everyone.

As some of you know, I was hit with Covid not long ago. I was in and out of the hospital.

During one of my stays, my laptop was broken. I do not have the money to get it fixed or replaced.

I am still recovering, and still suffering from dizzy spells. For now, all my characters are put on hold. Jhilsara is in her home world on her journey, assume Velyra is in her home by the blue bowl getting bigger with pregnancy, and Tib is at his family's home outside the forest. The only reason why Vel is still considered in forest is because she's stuck there by magic.

Hopefully I'll be able to return before Velyra is able to birth in the spring. If I can't then we might assume she lost the pregnancy and wait until I'm able to return, following the same plan we currently have.

I am so sorry to all of you who have shown interest in my girls and started developing relationships with them. I hope to try to keep contact with you all as much as I'm able. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and here's hoping that 2021 is a lot better than 2020. Happy New Year to all!

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Never apologize for taking

Never apologize for taking care of yourself.
Hope you feel better soon <3

&hearts; get well soon

♥ get well soon

Happy new year &hearts; Get

Happy new year ♥ Get better soon!
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I'm glad to hear you're

I'm glad to hear you're recovering. COVID is scary, and it's hard on the body. Take care of yourself <3 vitamin D seems to help me feel a little better and less fatigued (I had COVID nov/dec), so I'd recommend that if possible.

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