Among the Stars

On a clear night, if you look hard enough, you can see a tiny fawn dancing amongst the stars.

Hoshiko was a small fawn, nightfall blue like her mother, with pale gray markings and striking blue eyes. She never stepped foot in the forest, her chance having been taken away from her by a violent attack on her mother in the spring of 2010. She is but a wayward spirit, occasionally seen on rainy or dark days.

She cannot speak and may or may not attempt to communicate with other deer. She is most often found by her grave marker, a small stone not far from her father's altar.

This entry serves as a tribute to Hoshiko. While she cannot and will not reply for obvious reasons, family members and those affected by her existence are more than welcome to share their thoughts and use this profile as a means of communication with the little fallen star.

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Oh my god yes.

Oh my god yes.
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The aged stag, crowned with

The aged stag, crowned with shattered spires, approaches the small stone with a grizzled, solemn appearance. Face obscured as always behind the white mask, Walter finds his time limited; the parents will not approve. Lowering his hulk down in prayer, his matted, furry neck twists this way and that as a ring of purple flowers fall from his unkept fur. Arranging them into place on the site, he spends little time for details before pushing his heavy weight back onto weakened legs. With only a moment of silence spared for mourning the lost, he turns and begins a steady walk around the ruins to visit his granddaughter's resting place.
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So sad.. This looks beautiful

So sad.. This looks beautiful though, really.
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"Hoshiko, Hoshiko... Cannot

"Hoshiko, Hoshiko... Cannot find the color we need for painting Papa's picture. It's taking too long."
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This made me a little

This made me a little emotional. ;;
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Sig Icons by Aihnna
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This... is so sweet. Tracking

This... is so sweet.
Tracking for later.. ♥
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Can't find the words for such

Can't find the words for such a sweet entry. It's wonderful, Kimi. <3

So beautiful, thank you for

So beautiful, thank you for creating this. (":
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She flopped down beside her

She flopped down beside her daughter's grave. She was drained, emotionally and physically.

"They're all leaving me, Hoshiko.

....even those who promised they never would."
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"Hello, Hosh'ko. 's been

"Hello, Hosh'ko. 's been some time. It's getting closer now.. I'm getting kind of nervous. ...But I think I'll be alright.
...Bet you would have made a good Aunt."
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Walter slowly approaches the

Walter slowly approaches the grave, head adorned with the usual bouquet of lilac flowers. He carefully lays then down, then ensures they are arranged neatly upon the site. Finally satisfed with his work he raises his head and gazes through blind sockets at the site beneath him, contemplating what to do next. He flicks his ears about in ear direction, but he is alone. He lowers his head and mumbles something quietly to the grave before raising his head and turning away, making off back towards the other side of the Ename.
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My heart just about jumped

My heart just about jumped out of my chest when I clicked on the picto in the Map, and realized who it was. Holy crap.

I need to think on what Lacie should say first...rendered speechless right about now fksfksk
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"I still do not know your

"I still do not know your name, little one. You will have to forgive me..."
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This is beautiful.

This is beautiful.
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Such a gorgeous bio, it

Such a gorgeous bio, it brought a tear to my eye. The background, everything... simply stunning. I have no words to say for this, I'm speechless <3

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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"...I'm sorry."

"...I'm sorry."
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Heh Of course Kumiko

Heh Of course Kumiko befriends a little lost spirit.
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Beside the headstone, atop a

Beside the headstone, atop a fresh, leaf: Berries. The first of the season. Black berries, blue berries, raspberries, each tender and ripe and sweet. Berries of the sort a child would love, all glistening from morning's dew.

In the distance, a retreating white-silver form.
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In the dimmed afternoon, a

In the dimmed afternoon, a small doe drenched from the rain approached the tiny gravestone. A strong sensation swirled within her soul as she gazed upon the final resting place of a fawn she never knew. Sadness lingered in her eyes yet she stared with anticipation. Why had she felt need to return to the site? Was it to pay her respects? Or was it in hopes of seeing the sparkling fawn once again?

The evening she had spent galloping with the starry spirit was one she would never forget. Though it was not until sometime later that she had discovered why the young fawn led her to the grave. She had heard the other deer in the Forest whisper about the fawn, but Kumiko still knew so little.

"Hoshiko..." she gently whispered, "[=#8F5E99]That is your name, right?"

Patiently she waited a response. However, unlike the other spirits she had encountered before, there was no reply. Kumiko lowered her hoof and stomped at the ground, "Do not be afraid. No one will hurt you. Please come back.

Yet, there was still no reply.

Kumiko sighed as she looked upward towards the sky. Heavy clouds rolled eastward but showed no signs of letting up. There will be no stars tonight. I shall await to see you."
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This is so sweet and

This is so sweet and sad...

we will spend time near her in the forest.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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A bright red poppy was laid

A bright red poppy was laid in front of the small marker, and a tiny blue starlit doe lay in front of it.

"It's been a year now.. My daughter.. you will always be special to me. I know that you would not want me sad, no more than I would want you to be.
As a mother, I will always blame myself for what happened to you, that I couldn't protect you. I hope you will be able to forgive me."

I can't believe I was never

I can't believe I was never aware she was played.
I can't even describe how much I love this.
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The stag came over from the

The stag came over from the slab that he had laid upon through the past twenty days of his departure... he had moved off and gathered several flowers in the newly shaped skull of his and proceeded to move towards the marker in which he had overlooked the entire time he was gone. Nightmare shifted, and carefully bowed his head down before raising and gently setting the flowers around the marker "I watched you every night during my death... I spoke to you through my mind although I am sure you never heard it... you... one so young, should still be here. If only I had been around to protect your mother from this... little Hoshiko... please forgive me..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I got a chill when I realized

I got a chill when I realized the little fawn following Cervena was Hoshiko.
This is so beautiful... ;; ♥


The red doe knew there was something different about this fawn, but being unaware of the horrific events surrounding this little one's death she did not know for certain that she was in fact accompanied by a spirit.
"I would be happy to have you in my company again whenever you wish it, little star."

By Leuvr

My mind may be playing tricks

My mind may be playing tricks on me...but I see you there, beside me.

You're the one that didn't make it. Hoshiko..isn't it?

Yes...I see you, little one.

I see you.

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Oh, I'm surprised she has a

Oh, I'm surprised she has a pictogram.

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Weakened. Confused. Dazed. A

Weakened. Confused. Dazed.

A bloodstained doe slowly began to retreat from the grave. Her brightened pelt dirtied by her own stupidity. Kumiko knew better than to interfere with other's lives. She knew she held no right to speak regarding the passing of a fawn whom belonged to a family she hardly knew. She had very faint memories of the mother but the father... And the others who had gathered to swarm the deceased fawn's final resting place were all strangers to her. She should have backed down, should have kept her distance and allowed the others to do as they pleased, but she wished they would do it else where.

She could not ignore it though... The anger that ignited within her as she saw the dispute spawn around the small memorial. She may have not known the parties involved, but Hoshiko had touched her heart. She had seen the ghostly fawn's smile and had danced with the dead. Fighting was not the way to pay respects... But again, who was she to judge?

Wincing, Kumiko trotted away with her tail tucked between her legs and her head hung low. A tear glistened on her cheek as she looked over her wounded shoulder, "I am so sorry, Hoshiko... I tried to get them to stop... I am sure this is not how you would want you family to feel... But they would not listen... I'm sorry if your peace was disturbed..."

"I am honored that you

"I am honored that you visited me today, thank you. Your family loves you very much, Hoshiko.."

"Your grave is so small, but

"Your grave is so small, but the love for you is as big as the moon... I
too, will defend you, daughter of the stars. I know you not, but your mother is dear to me."

"I am so sorry, little

"I am so sorry, little one.....I-I....I know that Walter will get to you no longer.", Thriae said as she dropped a single purple flower onto the grass next to the grave marker, finally turning and walking off into the mist.

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That song just made me melt.

That song just made me melt.
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I didn't ever want to comment

I didn't ever want to comment ooc on this, but loudsmile, whoever you are, that was beautiful. Thank you.
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I always loved how Hoshiko is

I always loved how Hoshiko is still present in her family and how they visit her grave. I made a little thing for her I hope you don't mind <3
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"Tell your mother that I have

"Tell your mother that I have always thought of her as a little sister... she's precious to me... but now, I must move on my own path... and let her be. I fear that I am hurting her by being nearby... I bring nothing but pain wherever I go... I've hurt her, hurt you even. Hoshiko... I love your family, but I cannot risk staying around if it means that they will be hurt. I am sorry..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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The young stag calmly sat

The young stag calmly sat beside the little marker. He'd been here before; sometimes this was his place to get away from it all, to come and talk to the little sister he never knew. Wether or not she heard, however, was unsure to him. He could only hope she was somewhere, listening. As he gazed up at the stars in the twilight, he spoke, quietly.

"How's it going up there, racing those stars? I bet you're the fastest little star there is. Ochiba often wonders about you, and I tell her all I know about you. I'm honest, its' not a whole lot. Kari.. she says she talks to you all the time, and who am I not to believe her? Maybe she does. I know it'd make Mom happy if you talked to someone.
Ichiro.. he likes the moon a lot. I told him that fairytale Mom told me when I was a fawn.. about rabbits living on the moon.. making mochi. Now, he wants to fly to the moon to watch them work."

Takeshi stood, shaking some stray bits of grass from his fur. His muzzle creased into a smile as he whispered up at the sky. "Keep those rabbits busy, Hoshiko."
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"Have you moved on, Hoshiko?

"Have you moved on, Hoshiko? Is your spirit restless? Or can you visit us from wherever it is spirits go to? Are you happy?"

(Ffff Ryuu why do you gotta pick now to be morbid?)
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A warm muzzle brushes lightly

A warm muzzle brushes lightly across the tiniest marker on the side of the ruins that faced the pond.
"I'd hoped I'd find Kaoori here," the brown doe it belongs to murmurs softly. "She watches over you so tenderly... Rest well."

[Did not see this before o3o It's very sweet~]
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"Hello there, little one."

"Hello there, little one." Straining muscles relax as the heavy stag comes to rest amongst the gravestones, letting the cloud of dust from his movements settle before continuing. "It's been some time since I paid a visit, hasn't it? I brought you these." Lowering his head, a collection of small yellow and red flowers are deposited near the gravestone. "Found these earlier. Thought you might like them." After arranging them into a neat pattern, the old stag twists an ear in the direction of a familiar body approaching. Knowing it's his time to leave, Walter steadily rises and without even confronting the newcomer, turns and heads off on his own way.

"Starchild... I hope your

"Starchild... I hope your mother forgives me for my intrusion. Another time, yes."

You are more precious than

You are more precious than you could ever know, little star.

I'm so lost, little Hoshiko.

I'm so lost, little Hoshiko. So lost..
Do you ever get lost? Racing among unfamiliar stars? A silly question to ask you, I'm sure.
Getting lost among the stars... How silly. Especially when you have your mothers brains.
I'm sure you never get lost, and know the clearest way home.
If only you could guide me...

Haha, oh dear, think nothing of that, little one. Old Leviathann is getting all sorts of dreary on you.
I apologize. Let's think of lighter topics, hm? Your mother is expecting again. I promise to guard her.
You'll have some more siblings soon, isn't that nice? They'll never replace you, of course, though I doubt
your mother would even let such thoughts cross her mind. She's... deeply attached to you. I find myself
in a similar position. I have never met you, Tiny Star, but just being here brings me great peace.
Thank you for tolerating this old snake, Hoshiko. From the bottom of my heart.


I brought you some berries this time. They're not much, I apologize, but I'll get you something better.
Soon. I don't know what yet, but I'll surprise you. Something special, hopefully.
Until next time, child. I look forward to it.

*tracks* Will come back when

Will come back when I can think of a proper tribute Eye
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The days were shorter and

The days were shorter and colder. Twilight came earlier; and Kaoori had made it a winter routine to make sure she was someplace warm for the night, to keep herself warm and safe for her and the growing lives inside her. One stop was always part of her routine, no matter the season.

Quietly she sat on the grave in front of the headstone, resting her cheek on the small marker before closing her eyes and smiling. She dropped a small treasure at the foot of it.

Pine nuts. They're really delicious. It's all I seem to be able to eat lately.

A small chuckle escaped from her muzzle. It's silly, I suppose. I often think about silly things. What your favorite food might have been. What your favorite game would be to play.

The little shika curled up to stay warm, eventually dozing off as she hummed a quiet lullaby to the small child she loved as any other.
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