- Adam -

art made by my beloved brother, Tipinezemnoi

IC - Discord: Luella#0876 - Toyhouse

Name: Adam
Picto: TheEarth
Gender: Male
Species: Cervine
Size: 35
Diet: Herbivore
Birthday: 15.07.1997
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Orientation: Heterosexual
Mate: Helena, 13.06.2015
Home: The Birch Forest

Mask: Skull
Antlers: Great White
Pelt: Devine Gold


Loyal - Reliable - Honest - Protective - Possessive - Stubborn - Dominant - Brave
Vengeful - Jealous - Irritable - Moody - Unimpressed - Rude

- Highly loving and generous to his loved ones. Fatherly.
- Very experienced fighter. Can even take on way larger opponents.
- Highly irritable and aggressive if his loved ones are injured.
- For him there is nothing more important than his family. Family-oriented.
- Blind since birth. As a result, other senses are much better developed than normal.
- Great stamina and agility. Fast and sneaky fighter. Likes to use nasty tactics.
- Very provocative. Especially towards opponents/enemies. Loves to tease them.


Helena: Lover & Bestie.
Mokee'Mo: Biological brother.
Kyuta: Biological son.


Isetore: Companion.
Olga: Interesting.


Dreamcatcher - From Helena

css is made by Hautakumpu, only for TheEarth use


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Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast


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Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)
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Misses you <3

Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast