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Name: Aeros
Age: older adult
Gender: Stag
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: it looks like a tree on a ski. 8D
Set(s): Orca pelt, Long mask, and poppies in his antlers.
Build: Small for his age, but with a big chest.
Personality: Aeros is typically calm and quiet. He's not exactly what you would call outgoing, but he does enjoy making friends, and he's extremely polite. He's got a level head and he doesn't like fighting, even going so far as being severely injured because he refused. XD
Favorite Pastimes: Telling fawns stories, or just walking through the forest and looking for beauty.
Favorite Locations: By the Twin Gods or in the Ruins
Other: If he shoves his antlers in your face, he's just telling you to tone down teh silliez. 8DDDD And he loves to tell stories, so if he lays down, he's saying something. Or I might just be taking a break. 0.o
Pictures: The Storyteller
Songs: Never-ending story - Within Temptation

Name: Silken
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Doe (fawn until the 17th of August)
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: It looks a little like Vip's picto, to tell you the truth. 8D Just think of something soft and swirly, or bubbles, or something.
Set(s): Gray pelt, Doe antlers, Real Deer mask
Build: She's got LONG legs, which are also thin. So she can run really fast. And her neck's a bit long.
Personality: Quiet and polite most of the time, Silken's really sweet and loves making friends. She's sensible and caring, but sometimes she can get pretty emotional. She's very curious and a bit young for her age, if that makes any sense whatsoever.
Favorite Pastimes: Playing with Her. ^^ And hanging out with her other friends.
Favorite Locations: The Pond, the River, and the First Forest.
Other: She's head over heels in love with Trance, and she's got different colored eyes...woohoo. XD One blue, and one brown.
Pictures: Idols
Songs: Pilgrim snow, True To Your Heart - 98 Degrees

Name: Loop
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Doe
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: I don't know why, but it reminds me of a fish. Or a fox. 0.o
Set(s): Kirin pelt, MG feathers, and Real Deer mask / BZD antlers, golden and brown MG pelt, Real Deer mask
Build: Petite. Seems most of my deer are small. =.O
Personality: Loop is a nice, calm doe, but she has a seductive, darker side to her that most have yet to cross. She's decided that until she finds a mate, she's for everyone. OvO Although she can get a little irritable, she's generally calm and is very sweet to fawns. She likes to use her tricks to amuse others.
Favorite Pastimes: Hanging out with her friends, tricking people for fun, camoflauging herself
Favorite Locations: The Pond, the area around it, and the Bridge.
Other: If she nuzzles you and nods a lot...she wants to have your babies. o.0 She's a bit of a gypsy...pirate...thing?
Pictures: A Pristine Reflection
Songs: Livin' La Vida Local - Ricky Martin

Name: Miss Tuna, Tuna, Tunafish...that sort of thing. Unless you'd rather call her Fayne. o.0
Age: young teenager
Gender: Antlerdoe (fawn until August 9th)
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: Reminds me of a jewel, for a weird reason I can't pinpoint.
Set(s): When she grows long as she has the peacock feathers and the Long Mask? EVRYTHING. She loves changing pelts, lolololol. She just doesn't like the Orange, Zombie, or Kabuki pelt. XDDD
Build: She's also small, but wiry. So kind of skinny, with long legs, I guess.
Personality: Tuna's my in-forest body, so it's kind of hard to say. I suppose she's like me? So, quiet, but a spazz on her good days. 8D She has a few close friends and when she gets mad, she vents. A lot.
Favorite Pastimes: Playing with friends, air-sitting and waterwalking (Like Jesus!)
Favorite Locations: The Pond, no duh. Also the Old Oak.
Other: She's not scared one bit of the Pond, but she'll only go to the Playground for closeup parties. It freaks her out. O.O
Pictures: Little Fish
Songs: Why Should I Worry - Billy Joel, Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield

Name: Trance
Age: adult
Gender: Stag (Fawn until the 17th of August)
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: Looks like a dude in a boat, no question. XD
Set(s): Black Halloween pelt (with the flowers and stuff), Orca mask, and BZD antlers. (When he's grown, I'm gonna need some help with this. XD)
Build: He's very large, with a developed body and strong legs. Due to this, he's pretty powerful.
Personality: Aloof and regal, Trance is. He doesn't act silly at all, but he is slowly growing affectionate of his friends. He has a tendency to be silent, and he's the kind of deer who wants to get things done. He's VERY protective of his loved ones, and fawns annoy him, but if he knows them, he'll protect them. Performances of spazziness confuse him. He's a little out-of-sync with everyone else, but he tries to love them.
Favorite Pastimes: Nuzzling up on Silken, or exploring because he's new here. XD Or sparring.
Favorite Locations: Everywhere. He's too macho to be scared of anything.
Other: He loves Silken to death. He doesn't come from the forest, but he's learning about it.
Pictures: Watching From Afar
Songs: Holding Out For A Hero

Name: Pandemonium (On her good days, call her Pan. On her bad days..don't.)
Age: Adult (fawn at this point, actually XD)
Gender: Doe
Picto: Here!
How to Remember: I have no idea.
Set(s): Orca pelt, DotD antlers, Peacock mask / Butterfly pelt, Peacock feathers, Dotd mask
Build: Average, but wiry.
Personality: On her good days, Pan is a clever, roguish little doe. She's a bit sleazy, and given to quite a bit of humor, but overall extremely fun. However, sometimes her darker side will come out. At this point, Pandemonium is a danger to all. Don't come too probably won't see the light of day again. She specializes in causing havoc and discord, and is pretty much a psychotic, raving lunatic. 8D
Favorite Pastimes: Normally, spellspamming and buttonmashing. Other times...going crazy.
Favorite Locations: Everywhere, especially in dark weather.
Other: Being hit by lightning was what drove her off the wall. Whenever there's lightning in the forest, she automatically goes off. Otherwise it's just because I'm feeling the need to mess with myself. XD
Pictures: Just Laugh It Off
Songs: Real Wild Child - Everlife
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ROFL. The Dude in a boat

ROFL. The Dude in a boat rocks.
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FROU FROU! *huge Imogen

FROU FROU! Laughing out loud *huge Imogen Heap fan*

Maybe this version is a little better?
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Thanks muchly, that

Thanks muchly, that version's a lot better. XD
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Me too! *Loves Frou Frou and

Me too! *Loves Frou Frou and Imogen Heap*
Goodness I can't keep up with all your deer! XD. I only have Rowan and Emrys! And Em's pictogram is like Quammy's with an "L" under it. Rowan's is an "F". I need to make Bios XDDDDD
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