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AN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN JACKAL SPIRIT that was recently reborn from the mouth of a desert volcano after thousands of years of slumber, his very body forming together from sand, lava, and parts of Anubis himself. Was created for the purpose of serving his god Anubis in his past life — the protector of graves, the undead, and guiding souls into the afterlife — before his hibernation which followed after he had fulfilled his 'duty' of serving for 500 years. Was reawakened for unbeknownst reasons, but has continued his servitude of guiding human souls over the threshold, and more often that not, to The Endless Forest to release them to the Twin Gods.

TITLES: Gateskeeper, The Eternal Blaze, Ghost of Graves
GENDER: Appears to be male.
HOME: "The Desert" An astral plane between life and death, where 'the crossover' of souls takes place. What he guides them across.
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
SKILLS: Ability to create sand portals between different worlds and planes of existence. Can wield flames and give life to fire.

+ sober, stoic, reserved, distinct, rational, mighty, alpha, level-headed
- morbid, apathetic, cruel, vicious, merciless, feral











MON 09/09/19,
Returned to the forest after a particularly long stint of not visiting.

SAT 20/04/19,
Awoke by a sunspot near the pond to an empty, Muir-less spot beside him. Rose frantically, looked around for the pup, but his nerves were soon settled when he heard the familiar yelps emitting from the Old Oak. He should've known. Trotted over to greet him, lightly scalding him about running away because only the Gods know what could possibly try and eat you in this forest, Muir! Before finishing his lighthearted rant which he was sure the whelp was definitely not even remotely listening to, he was charged by an unfamiliar female from the left. Caught entirely off-guard, Jahan instinctively went into 'protect' mode, hackles raised and squaring his body off against the much smaller female in a bid to protect the young...

...that was until Mumma! was squealed over and over from Muir. Caught off-guard x2. What is going on. Immediately backed off and stepped away from the pair, not being greeted nicely at all by the matriarch. Made a snarky comment towards the mother about abandoning her child, which was immediately met with a response telling him that he was actually, entirely lost. Instantly felt bad and regretted lashing out. Retired to the pond to let mother and son catch up, realising just how exhausted the mother (Anúna) must be feeling. Whilst mulling over the previous events, Jahan suddenly remembered one of Muir's forgotten valuables in his sleeping post. Went to retrieve it and picked up some remedial herbs on the way to help the mother heal, and dropped them off outside of the Old Oak whilst she was deep in slumber. Gave a small wink of acknowledgement to the wriggling child, and sauntered off to a sunspot to rest.

MON 15/04/19,
Started his day by the pond taking it easy. Whilst making his way to the playground to further relax and bathe in the sun, he spotted a small, shivering fawn whimpering by itself in a sunspot. Not one to interfere with affairs outside of his own, Jahan found himself oddly compelled to the infant, almost experiencing a sense of deja vu. Cautiously approaching, he could see the whelp was very young and without a mother - so he decided to do what any man would with absolutely ZERO experience with kids... water it and feed it? That's how you take care of babies, right? Lead the infant to the water where he stood frozen like a statue. Kind of weirded out by the whole situation, he decided to lead him to a mushroom patch on a nearby tree to attempt to coax him to eat. Success. Albeit he more or less shoved his face into the mushrooms rather than ingest them, Jahan wrote it down as a win considering how things had been going so far.

Decided that he had sufficiently done his good deed for the day, so the brute led the child to the warmth of the oak tree, and dropped him off for whoever was going to collect him to hopefully find him. Awkwardly bid the child farewell and returned to his usual spot by the pond to recuperate from the trauma of babysitting... only to turn around and see a familiar face. Okay then. Feeling a tad irritated, he once again insisted the whelp follow him and once AGAIN made him wait in the tree, trying desperately to ignore the ':c' expression on his face. Moved a little further away this time from the oak tree instead choosing to sit by the water's edge and continue along with his day of rest and recuperation. Just as he was beginning to dose off... yep. There it is. That ungodly and depressing yip that rattles its way through your bones.

Reluctantly gets up and trudges his way back to the oak tree for the third time, heaving sighs all the way. Guess it's him and the kid. The whelp seems to understand immediately as soon as he sees Jahan and comes bouncing over (you little faker?!), and Jahan leads them both to a particularly warm sunspot to sit. In absolute disbelief at how quickly the young one settled down into his side and buried into his fur, as happy as a lamb. Maybe even feeling quite accomplished with himself at managing not to kill this... thing? Pet? Oh god... son?!

aka, Jahan and Muir in like two hours

THURS 11/04/19,
Has returned to the forest after a particularly long stint of not having any reason to visit. Delivered a couple of old human souls to the Twin Gods for them to spend their afterlife in the forest, and has chosen to stay a little while since the weather is now warmer with Spring well under way. Lazing around.


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ah yes the boi

ah yes the boi
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*blows kisses*
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♥ hellloooo
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Daaaamn this is incredible!

Daaaamn this is incredible! The whole aesthetic of the page is uhhg and the design too. Gotta track this.
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you both! hello, and thank

you both!
hello, and thank you (:
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Ek note EGYPT.

Ek note EGYPT.
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ty ty guys! <3