. ------- ZUVIER's j o u r n a l

Waking up, I noticed something was different. I raised on my feet; My body felt heavier, bigger. Taking a few steps, I bellowed. The sound that came out was a deep ferocious moo, and not the cheerful loud bellow of a fawn. Just to make sure, I ran to the pond and looked at my reflection. My expectations were right - I had grown into a graceful stag!

Along my entering in the forest, I'd have to say I am quite charmed by the enchanting beauty and tranquility.
Taking the form of a fawn - a new life filled with innocence, is suitable for my thorough, peaceful soul.

Oh, the fog, it is up to no good, I feel blinded, unsecure. The form I have taken in this realm is so fragile, defenseless.
Any creature, tied with the darkness, may be lurking right behind me, I better find a party soon - the more we are, the stronger our protection will be.