What do you think... [Game]

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About the person above you?
A game influenced by Queze's player, and the recent memes.

Lets play a game shall we?

The rules are simple;

- If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all.
The moment such trouble starts up and arguments arise, I'll be deleting this.

... That is all for now. Smiling
Have fun!
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you give lovely compliments.

you give lovely compliments.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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I love what you write; it

I love what you write; it draws me in so much!
You're such a friendly member too, always willing to help out~ /throws you love ♥

Don't think I've met someone

Don't think I've met someone as fun as you, m'dear :3
You have a way of cheering situations up, and are a very kind person~ It's true O:
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Crimmy! I love your

Crimmy! I love your characters! I wish I would get to know you better though D8
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I embarrassingly don't know

I embarrassingly don't know hardly anything about you, ArrowDoe, but a look through your dA gallery left me pretty envious of your creative talent. 8D You've got some pretty schweeeet drawings.
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Don't post something about

Don't post something about me- It's Fled's turn x3

Haha Fled, it's ok xD I'm guessing that we both have something in common though- since your avatar has House in it <3333 xD

Thank you 8D <3

That is all.
Carry on xD
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They watch house. nuff said.

They watch house. nuff said.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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I gota second that! ~

I gota second that! ~<3
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KIRAKI I DON'T KNOW YOU BUT YOU SEEM AWESOME. So there. D: Also your dA gallery is very impressive ma'am. TALENT, I SEE.
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ilu. iluuuuuu

ilu. iluuuuuu

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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^ Awesome poet. :D

^ Awesome poet. :D

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i don't even write that much

i don't even write that much poetry WHAT ARE YOU SAYING -stares at- my poetry is my garbage bin...

oh yeah...somethin nice..

It organises a rut well~

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

^Great at drawing people

^Great at drawing people

^ amazing but I'm too shy to

^ amazing but I'm too shy to try and make frens with youuu 8CCC sdfsdjfhdfj /stalker
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^Very friendly! Has awesome

^Very friendly! Has awesome ideas in that ol' noggin of hers. She loves Queen! I wish I had more time to get to know you and maybe meet up with one of your deer in the Forest!
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Oh Hala, for one, you spoil

Oh Hala, for one, you spoil me far too much. You gave me art, for which I am eternally grateful ;;
I wish that I could talk to ya more, too :3

Overall, great artist and great personality ;3

^ Gingernut is one of the

^ Gingernut is one of the coolest cats here. Leaves totally heart-melting comments on my Fairytale and Interactive blog, AND is great at writing. I also can't see a tub of Jergens brand lotion without laughing...thanks Ginger! XD
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^probably one of the first

^probably one of the first people I had saw when i first came here well over a year ago. I always find your comments popping up in peoples stuff, constantly supportive and caring for the community. And to be honest, though i don't know you personally, you have always had my constant respect, from when i first came here =)

^----- Dunno em to much but

^----- Dunno em to much but Diety your epic C:
Just cause XD plus you being lex is epically awesome C:

Leveled is really nice love

Leveled is really nice love your characters and your pretty icon
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^ hm...kept me amused with

^ hm...kept me amused with some rps a while back. was fun.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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Hmm Mick, to me, you're an

Hmm Mick, to me, you're an all around inspirational person. By far, you are one of the best rpers on this site, not for the length that you put into your replies, but for the love and care that you give them. Your characters are incredible, and I look up to your writing abilities.

You, my friend, have inspired me to better my abilities as a writer.

(Felt this needed a bump~ I hope you don't mind... :<))
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[don't say anything about

[don't say anything about me...say nice things about gingy]

...I'm actually seriously flattered...I'm like...speechless actually.

Thank you so much for that.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

HEY. Mick and Ginger here are

HEY. Mick and Ginger here are amazing.

they both have completely original and unique characters, straying away from the typical "pretty boy" and "pretty girl". &hearts they both have awesome, descriptive writing skills that I both envy and admire, and they manage to be funny and humble all at the same time. srs, you guys make me smile. TEEHEE. and I had to say good things about both of you because you're both too great.
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Sarie...sariesariesarie... O


One of the first people I ever met in this community, someone I absolutely respect, always fun and spunky (sorry for the weird terminology), a fellow music fanatic (always cool), has an all-star cast of deer including the always gorgeous Vipin and Aspen...whenever I say "Rock Band" you think "BEATLES!" XD

You're probably one of the most optimistic people I've ever met (and that's coming from a pessimist), and you're an awesome role model. Anyone who ever needs someone to look up to, I vote Sarie!
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Queddie... You are very nice

You are very nice to all ppl on the community, no matter how they act
You make amazing characters, and you write amazing stories <33
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Geez, it's easy to say Quad

Geez, it's easy to say Quad is probably one of the nicest members of this community. Shocked
You're always up to helping people and you're such an open and warmhearted guy.

I'm also glad to see how you've got things you want in your life and are determined and working hard for reaching your goals. I wish I had it like that. :'D
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^ that siggy. nuff said.

^ that siggy. nuff said.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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z.m123 - I really don't know

z.m123 - I really don't know you very well, yet; but your character Fox is so much fun! :3 I hope Lemon and Fox can hang out sometime even after the rut.

Quammy/Tuhka -- Oh what can I say... you're awesome. :3 Your art is so beautiful, you have such incredible talent... I hope one day I can be half the artist you are. I still cherish that completely awesome picture you drew of my character, Devlin. ♥ I've always looked up to you, and I view you as a kind of TEF celebrity. I was too shy to talk to you for such a long time! (I'm still kind of too shy to talk to you, ha!)

edit: I've been ninja'd! D:

Mick/ShadowsOfLight -- Again, I don't know you too terribly well, but I remember your storylines from long ago, and I always enjoyed reading through them. Ginger mentioned that they admired the passion that you put into your writing, and I have to say I agree. I hope we can be friends, some day; you're also someone I was always too shy to talk to. c:
Avatar by Kohva!

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I don't know you all that

I don't know you all that well, but I've seen you character Lemon around and saw her bio.
She's looks like a very interesting nice deer and I hope we get to know each other more.
Teffy would love to meet Lemon. Sticking out tongue
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TeffyTeff! :'D I haven't had

TeffyTeff! :'D I haven't had the chance to talk to you much... that makes me sad, because your stuff is awesome. Your deer looks sweet, and I don't believe I've had the chance to meet her in-forest yet (which must change, fufufu~). Also, I love how you wrote out her backstory earlier on in that poem format, as it an excellent job of keeping suspense. In other words, I'd be more than happy to see what else ya can dish out, seriously.

Ooh~ I also feel the need to compliment Teff's picto~ For some reason, it really catches my eye (a boat on a tidal wave?) I have no idea why, I just love it. Makes it easier for me to find you in-forest.

((Huh... Vee... I hope you don't mind my resurrecting this again... I like saying nice things about people...))
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Ginger. :b I really don't

Ginger. :b I really don't know where to start, cause it is so much about you that amazes me. Your characters are awesome, even though I haven't
interacted much with them myself, I have stalked some rp's/ writings of yours. :') And that is another thing - your writing. It is epic, I always love to
read what you have written. <3

Wouldn't mind to meet up with your chars in-forest more often, although Jergens and Illrose perhaps didn't start out very good, with her joining Jack's
dance-on-Jergens-party. xD

^ AMAZING artist with a

^ AMAZING artist with a gorgeous character. I have to admit, Illrose has to be one of my favorites names here. :b it just fits so well. but you're such a friendly person, always commenting on arts and blogs--makes me want to be more like you. I'd also love to meet you in-Forest, even though I think Devi did, during the rut...you're a very sweet person from what I've seen. <3
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Hmm, lessee-if I don't

Hmm, lessee-if I don't totally get ninja'd by all you lovelies, that is. In which case I should get to main part of my ramble 8D

SarriiiiieeesarieSARIE. Definitely one of those people on here that I know of, see around a lot, but haven't ever had the chance to really meet which is TERRIBLE because she seems so amazing. Whenever I've seen you around here, you're always saying something lovely, brightening up someone's day, just generally being epicsauce no matter who the person is. I've never seen any negativity with Sarie, she just seems to radiate glory and rainbows, even if she's under the sea in a yellow submarine, in which case she'd better bring me back an angler fish or something coz the light in this room just blew, no joke. I jumped about a foot in the air and my boyfriend's puppy fled the room faster than people warm up to Sarie and her wonderful optimistic attitude ♥

Overall, you just seem to be one of those amazing members who, as I know has been mentioned here, is an absolutely perfect role model for all members, both old and new. I also have heard a bit about your characters, and am totally going to have to go investigate-they all seem so original and fabulous, and I'll totally hafta keep an eye out for you in-forest as well as here. STALKAGE AHOY.

Basically, Sarie=Lovely ♥


You are always hyper and

You are always hyper and loving to the members here.I enjoy your company.