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1.a tree in the water? Has anybody ever mandate a pine apple can eat?

2.go down the ground? okay... very weird if you even half deer see .... O.O

3. which means the tog as you walk by a tree and a blue cloud away, and a kind of music? (I have long wanted to know)

someone knows the answer?
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D: do you see that pine

D: do you see that pine too!?

xD a pine in the Pond!

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Hey, I see a Gehirn

Hey, I see a Gehirn underwater in the first pic! But yes that's a pinetree XDD When I go underwater, I can rub that tree and obtain a spell. It's really funny.

And when you go down the ground, you should try to slow-walk to your camera. Don't run, and don't move the camera. You'll find a suprise! XDD

And the fog + music just means you went through a tree.. I guess the tree's offended D8.. And shows it in a curious way? I don't know XDD

--Stays a lonely Seele

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thank you for your reply,

thank you for your reply, the forest is full of secrets and there are always new to discover ... I hope that many will Smiling