Walkin Is Still Honest

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[Name Bu, also named 'Boo' by Pica]
~feelings 'calm'
~thoughts 'how cute are you? <3'

Splash in the puddles
The fawns have fun in the rain
Sun dries their damp fur
Clash of antlers near
Boastful stags fighting for love
Best to stay away//
Beauty of the trees
The leaves say goodbye and fall
Missing warmth already//
Dig here in the snow
I let the fawn eat the sprout
Let's hope spring comes soon

Haiku ©QuadRaptor


//likes to jump Around
//likes to pretend he knows you, by doin the 
//wants to be loved by everyone, even tho he hasn't got figured out how letting ppl know about that
//has a secret, invisible friend. His name is 
Oscar: x
//he sneaks up on deer, and sits close to them, without even asking to do so.
//refers to oneself in third person
/ /love//


Bu is a friendly, clumsy, playful deer, who never wants to harm anybody. 
He is not the smartest either [although hes got some Emotional intelligence skillz]
so if you want to interact with 
him in any way, don't be shy to spur him into action, 
even if hes not reacting immediately. 

one two

//wears a black feather on his tail, 
recieved from Brighteyes 
[he thinks its too tiny and that itll trick deer into thinking his tail is fluffier]
//wears candles in winter.
//wears purple poppies in summer.
//wears the beluga mask on special occasions but no longer every day.

loyal | playful | annoying
overexcited | fast | bright

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Happy New year "old friend "

Happy New year "old friend " hugs for you ♥ ,
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥