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Thank you two c:

i dont know who you are
[little fawn, kept spellspaming antlers and adult deer who kept derping around with Ro at the crying statue, getting all red]
but i wanted to say thanks for the fun today c:
i forgot to check the map for your pictos and then irl happend and i had to go so quickly that i couldn't even say goodbye!

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!ignore plz!

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ok, this puts me in some kind of akward position but...

...i have to ask...
i am playing at a friends laptop rite now cause mine broke.
i have the opportunity to play the forest fast and with all specs up to the limit and saw those wired "flies or steam"[?] at the ruins. i never saw those before [^ // ^]
can somebody explain? are those related to the "underground/cellar" thingy?
or maybe the lone candlelight?
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drawing random chars n stuff [.]

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