Virus on the forums

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Yo I keep getting a VBS:Malware-gen virus/worm warning every time I click a topic on the forums. I am unable to read any of the topics because my anti-virus program aborts the connection.

I'm hoping this is just another problem like the one we had a while back where the forums prevented us from posting, that it's something easy to fix and not my/your/our computer.

Edit - The problem has been fixed. I was looking through my "Temporary Internet Files" folder trying to find the file that was causing the problem. So if you get this problem, try looking for it in that folder.
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Your seem to be the only one

Your seem to be the only one with this problem.
Which browser are you using?
Do you have the same problem with another one?
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I'm using Internet Explorer

I'm using Internet Explorer at the moment. I tried it on Firefox and I got the same problem.

I'll run a virus scan to see if that fixes the problem.
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I'm running several scans

I'm running several scans and I have a few infections already detected. I'm hoping by removing these it will fix the problem.

At least I didn't have as many as the last time I ran these scans - my computer was a mess last time.
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Well apparently it's been

Well apparently it's been fixed. I was looking in my "Temporary Internet Files" folder and then went to see if I could find the file so I could delete it, but now it's not saying there is a virus anymore.

False alarm, I guess - I think it was a cookie or something in my files. Hopefully the scanners I used fixed the problem.

you scared me there,

you scared me there, Quad!
i'm glad it's a false alarm.