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Name: Vessel

Meaning: A hollow utensil for holding liquids

Title: The Dream Watcher

Age: Mid 20s human years

D.O.B.: June 2008

Color: Green

Gender: Stag

Pictogram: X

How to Remeber the Pictogram: It looks like the Twin Gods statue, or a ninja kitty

Living Place: Nowhere in particular

- Kabuki pelt
- Noh mask (in game)
- Butterfly antlers

- Nightfall pelt
- Crying mask (in game)
- Butterfly antlers


Son, Chanse

Mate: Xylia <3


Vessel isn't very expressive or outgoing. He's actually kind of antisocial, and it's hard for him to express himself since he can't speak. He's a mute, but that hasn't really stopped him from making a few friends. He does cherish his friends after living most of his life in isolation. He love his mate, but isn't too fond of fawns. You probably won't be expecting a kid from him.


Vessel was born into a family of perfectionists. His mother was loving and willing to give anything a chance, but his father wanted nothing but the best. When he saw that Vessel couldn't speak, along with his colorless eyes, he already had enough of him. They agreed to abandon him, with much reluctance from his mother. He was left by the Twin Gods statue, and they haven't been heard from again.

Vessel grew up with the guidance of the Twin Gods, they seemed to take over for his parents. He lived in isolation, rarely going out into the open or finding other deer. He learned much from his lonely life, much more than he would ever learn from his parents. He was granted the gift of dream watching, since he could not dream.

After adolescence, he finally gained the courage to go out into the open. He made a few friends, and even met the love of his life. Although it took a while for it to be that way. He had a little competition with Lorak. But now he lives like a semi-normal deer, with a few cherished friends, and a wonderful mate.

Favorite Things

- Rain
- Twilight
- The Birch Forest
- Spending time with friends
- Nature watching

Hated Things

- Squirrels
- Nameless stags
- Fawns
- His curse/blessing (he thinks it's a curse)
- Cold
- Strangers
- Spell spamming


Vessel, being a Dream Watcher, has seen the invisible Dream Realm. He knows that there are creatures in the Dream Realm that steal a very small amount of blood from deer to survive. They do this by giving them nightmares. Some deer prayed for a peaceful rest, and the ones that didn't were targetted often.

Vessel didn't like this. He bargained with the Twin Gods to take the creatures away. He sacrificed his blood in the place of all the other deer. The Twin Gods smiled on this offer, and accepted. Now when the sun sets, his appearance changes into the Dream Stag. His eyes hollow and leak blood, causing his face to turn pale and numb.

Every night he must sacrifice his blood to the Nightmares until his death. And when the sun rises, he changes back to normal.
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It looks like a cat with his

It looks like a cat with his mouth open and arms in front of it. Like it's gasping, lol.

I'd rather run the other way
than stay and see the smoke
and who's still standing when it clears...

I've always pictured his

I've always pictured his picto as one of the Idols.

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actually it looks kind of

actually it looks kind of like the Twin Gods statue during an Abio *facepalm*

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The Bird
The Watcher

Well it's kind of like a

Well it's kind of like a cup. Like a Vessel, it has an indent in the top like it could carry water!
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I keep seeing it as a cat

I keep seeing it as a cat with a ninja mask.







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Looks like a cat holding a

Looks like a cat holding a box to me XD
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I think i know who his crush

I think i know who his crush is!!



I DO KNOW IT. -- Dannii


-- Dannii <3

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