Uh.... Help me?

Hello! I'm Naruto Yamamoto! Uh.. um, what do I do?! I dont understand any action people come up and show me! This is so confusing...

o.. my deer fell to the ground. Is that something bad?!
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Welcome. The actions are

Welcome. Smiling
The actions are pretty self-explanatory. You'll get a hang of them soon. If you're a fawn people can see that you're new to the game so noone will think bad of you if you don't "get" things yet.
The actions are also described here.

If you say your deer fell to the ground you probably have either clicked "Sit Down" or your deer fell asleep. Your deer falls asleep if you don't move your mouse in the game for 5 minutes.
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Don't worry, you'll get it

Don't worry, you'll get it eventually. This is your fawnhood, and people expect to you act like one. Meaning, to make mistakes here and there. All is well.

Merry Christmas. c:
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Thanks! Merry Christmas to

Thanks! Merry Christmas to both of you!
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Thank you. c:

Thank you. c:
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