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It's not unusual for me to spend a LOT of time in a forum- reading and replying to threads for hours at a time. Nor is it unusual for me to suddenly slow my interaction, and then disappear for weeks or even months at a time. It's something I've been doing for as long as I've been on the internet, and though I have several theories as to why this is, it's probably not important. However, this time I've come back to a rather unsettling sight, and unfortunately, it's not the first time I've seen it: "people can't get along, so we've closed the forums."

I'll be completely honest. The environment in the forums was making me uncomfortable before I stopped coming last. I didn't really hide that I didn't like people making separate names and/or personalities for their deer and producing huge posts/threads about them. I don't roleplay. I can't and choose not to keep up with it. I felt offended when I was basically told rather blatantly to leave everyone else alone. So, okay... I started only skimming the forums that stuff took place on, and eventually stopped reading them at all. The fact that I now realize I had actively begun avoiding picture threads saddens me (if anyone knows me at all, it should be apparent why).

I have no idea what was going on in those forums recently. Can't say I'm particularly interested in knowing. As just a thought though, I'll say what I always liked about the Endless Forest community when I was active: The refreshingly candid relationship between the people who created it and the people who play it. The fact that there are people who don't like the game was always treated as unimportant. Mistakes from newbies and old regulars alike were treated as not a big deal, or at least nothing more than something to laugh about with no malice intended. Similarly, discoveries, no matter how big or small, or how well-known it already was, were celebrated with equality. These are only a few things.

Do I think the forums should be re-opened? As an outsider at this time, I can't really say. I hope that if the message was intended for any people in particular, they got the hint. An Endless Forest future without discussion- at least about the features, and about just the simple fun of playing such a simple game, seems really bleak to me. I hope it feels bleak to other players too.
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Hi Anduin. I'm glad to hear

Hi Anduin. I'm glad to hear that you're alive and kicking -- I noticed you vanished from the forums a while ago and I missed you. ._.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the forums going down. There was getting to be more and more drama, and the people who visited seemed to be getting more and more irritating, but my way of dealing with it was to just not get involved. I skimmed the new posts every couple of days but never really commented, and ones that seemed too retarded I just didn't read. So, the forum closure doesn't really impact me very much since I wasn't using it that much anyway...but at the same time there are parts of it I'm going to miss. I'm going to miss being able to easily look up people's pictos or keep in contact with all the awesome people I've met through the forums, I'm going to miss all the concept art, and I'm especially going to miss the troubleshooting board because I thought that was really useful. I'm not really going to miss the diaries, or the gossip about whose deer is doing what, or afore-mentioned Really Irritating and Juvenile forum attendees.

And, as you say, I'm really going to miss the interaction between the players and the creators at the forum, because I think that is an AWESOME thing, the likes of which I've never seen for any other game or program. That is not to say that either of the creators do not use this community site, because they do, and I'm really glad there's still a way to feel close to them (and I'm thankful! Michael and Auriea, if you're reading this, please never abandon us completely because we love you!)

So even though the forums are gone, we still have the community site so I feel that not everything is lost. I still have a way to keep in touch with people that I've met in the Forest, and that's important to me because there are so many wonderful people I wouldn't have met if I hadn't started playing this game.

/random blather
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We have reopened some of the

We have reopened some of the forums now. The functional ones: problems, tips and ideas.

All the other content can probably be expressed much better here, in the community site. The format of a diary with comments seems more suitable. And will hopefully not get out of hand so easily.

Thanks for the support.
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Yay troubleshooting board!

Yay troubleshooting board! And yay cheats and design boards!! Thank you!
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I think that closing the

I think that closing the forums help to get this community website more active, which is one of the good things. Smiling