Strange Sights

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Watching the Abiogenesis from afar.

Wow. I've never been to an

Wow. I've never been to an actual Abiogenisis but it's still fun to look at videos or pictures of it. It looks like a desert or beach, but I think it's supposed to be snow right?
Now this is making me think on what would happen if there was a huge lagoon in the middle of the forest with island and such. I'm content with the pond though.
So many glowing deer!
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The God's look funny. And

The God's look funny. Laughing out loud And a lovely picture thar! It looks like you're talking pleasantly. :B
I am Liëka.
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Oooo, it does look like a

Oooo, it does look like a beach, but I think it was fog.

I have a page on my website showing past Abiogenesis events. I don't have the Easter one up (since most of those shots were taken far away from the action).