Still Beautiful

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=] Loosely based off events from last night.
Time taken: 1 hour (O.o Dunno how I did that.)

xtxdrtjkdrhykjy AWWWWWWWWW



-- Dannii <3

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The bird and dragonfly on

The bird and dragonfly on the last panel totally completed this. <3

fjkjs I love how you draw the skull mask. <: looks so nifty.
Aspen's all 'ehwot' when Magnet sneezes off his mask XD
ILU. This is so epic. 8D Sosososo cute<3 ilu Pega. c:

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^_^ That sort of symbolism

^_^ That sort of symbolism keeps begging to be put in when I draw them.

It was a bit of a challenge trying to make the skull look like it wasn't a mask on Aspen. I tried giving it the face markings the magpie pelt has.

Thankies. 8D

EDIT: Oh! Just wanted to add this! The lines for the panels are a bit symbolic, too. More flowers are added over time. Has to do with the realization of beauty or something like that.

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