The Stag

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I made this with ArtRage 2 by taking a screenshot and making a stencil in the program. When I loaded up a screenshot in the program, I loaded the stag painting as a stencil and smeared the screenshot around the stencil to get this effect.

I hope you like! I just whipped it up, really, so it's nothing compared to 21 or Rah-Bop's masterpieces.

Click here for a longer version in case the website cuts it off.

Cool! Something like this

Cool! Something like this would be awesome as a banner for the site or something. Nice shot of the 'meadow', I love that place even if I don;t go there often.
(I always get semi lost when I go there. ^^')
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Thanks! Yeah, I love the


Yeah, I love the meadow, too. It's so much fun to run and leap through it, and getting somewhat lost is part of the fun.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Only two comments? This

Only two comments?
This deserves a lot more.
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This is awesome!

This is awesome!