Seeing double o.o

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I was having fun with some fawns the other day when my computer glitched and I had to log out and log back in. Well, when I woke up... I was already there...! xD It was weird... I don't think anyone else could see my ghostly double. XD


AHHH! Giant deer are attacking!!! D8
Quick! Hide in that rock...!

Mmmm... I love seeing those textures up close and personal! x3

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I have often seen my double

I have often seen my double too! A few times, I've even seen 3 of me! Shocked

I think that's myself and Run up close! I like to see the Deer close up too, as they look great!
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I think it's us too.. We are

I think it's us too.. We are the only ones who's looking like that in this forest, I think. I haven't seen anybody else who has the look we have. (Sorry, bad english)