Secret Santa wishlist

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I've realized that it makes things a lot easier if there are wishlists involved especially since I'm not really well known and I lurk for the most part.

Dear Secret Santa Person,

I am accepting mailed gifts, but if you are unable to send things through the mail I understand!

Uhmmm...I'm terrible at making up gift lists.....

- Alright so any art in any form (digital, traditional, clay, plushie, etc.) of my deer would be awesome.
My only deer in forest is Halafax Bio here!.
If you see her in forest I ask that you do not draw what she is wearing, she's having a slight wardrobe malfunction >_>

- If you don't want to draw Halafax, I have a stag character that I'm working on but he is not in the forest yet. The stag at the top His in forest set will most likely be real deer mask, beluga antlers, and crying idol (red) pelt. He basically is a deer with fox coloration, including fox-like eyes.

- And if any of those ideas aren't appealing you can always go to my DA gallery here and pick one of my other characters. (Beware old art is old).

- Other things that would be cool:
Any kind of animal figurine
Pretty much anything...

Good Luck and Thanks!