Så rör på era fötter, Oa-a-a, Och vicka era höfter

Can also be seen here : http://x-bellanotte-x.deviantart.com/art/Sa-ror-pa-era-fotter-83628783

Extremely ugly... I'm really sorry Dannii, I did her no justice at all. :/ It's really REALLY bad, and I'm really sorry. I messed up badly on the face and hooves.

A gift for a good friend of mine, Moonlitstar, on Endless forest. :3 'Tis her character Taliene, Shade's buddy. 83

Drawn to caramelldansen, speedycake version, because I'm addicted to that song. <3

Steal = Jail time

Lame attempt at lineless.


It's not that bad! I

It's not that bad! I understand difficulty with the face, It's always hard to capture and expression. Plus in recent experiences I had no idea how to doodle eyes on my drawing, so I made my deer have them shut. ^^'''
The hooves look fine to me the right hind foot/leg might seem a bit strange from the way the hoof is turned, but it looks fine.

I love the spots on Taliene's body and how they splatter in so many different ways. The chest fluff isn't bad either, and you capture the body shape pretty well. I love the ears and tail as well. It's not a bad try for lineless. And even if you think so, you can only improve as you keep trying.

CaramellDansen rocks Deer spots. =3
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This is adorable! I really

This is adorable! I really like how you drew the spots, and the pose is adorable. Really fits the song!
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And how dare you say this is bad.
It's really good! Smiling
I am Liëka.

*also addicted to

*also addicted to Caramelldansen*
It's reallyreally good! I know faces are hard to draw, that's why I love masks (makes it so much easier!) but you tackled it pretty well Eye
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i think this is great!

i think this is great!

Omg <333 I was just looking

Omg <333 I was just looking through some OLDDD pictures, and I found this! I was wondering if it still existed! I stick by what I said before - it's gorgeous <3333

-- Dannii <3

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