rp exclusive until account ages up

r q t t i
slum queen - bitch - drug lord - rat king


Sells drugs and hires assassins. Resting bitch face 24/7.
Got anything good? Let's trade. If not, go away.

Men r gross, ladies are hot.
Special discount for the women of the world.

Ratti is known to be a literal asshole and doesn't give any fucks about others except her family, which is her little drug hounds and flat in the slums of the city. Despite being a complete bitch, she is very romantic and respectful towards other women. Yes, she's a lesbian. She's okay with men, but doesn't really care too much about them. Ladies are where it's at. *finger guns*

Feral body and rat face and tail, her arms are longer to accommodate her back hooves and allows her to grab and hold objects. She's fond of jewelry and other types of drugs, cigarettes and electric swing. She tends to believe she was born in the wrong era. Her fur is caramel brown with a white face and hands, patterns almost like a tux.

Can and will bite off more than she can chew. Pays for it with fights and often will fight until she passes out. She isn't one to back down least it gets her killed. Fierce fighter with teeth and claws, tail is often used like a whip.