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Calling all role players! I'm forming a new role play group for anyone who'd like to join. It will be on Skype, I'll be creating a Skype group for all who are wanting to join the group. We will mainly focus on role playing on Skype, but we may also make an appearance in the forest as well.

Ah, so what is this group for? Obviously role playing! We can rp on Skype whenever anyone is up to it. Of course the role plays will be deer related! Only deer! And however you role play can have anything to do with the game - magic, shape shifting... Whatever! Role playing as normal deer (with magic). Would a normal deer have to run away from hunters? Yes. Would a normal deer protect their young? Yes. Would a normal deer have a leader in the herd? Yes. We will have all those in our role play group! We'll even have ranks!

In order to get into my role play group, I ask you provide a brief role play sample so I can see how well you role play.
This is just to make sure there's no trolls or anything in the group. :>

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Skype. My Skype is cybrilsalvatore
Hope to see you there c: