Random Deer ~ Will Be Adding

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I will post my random deer drawings here so I can stop spamming you guys XD
(*Click images to see bigger versions*)

Meloni ~ Watermelon Deer

Ice Deer ~ Needs Name (Female)

Holly (Named by Fishbicuit)

Unnamed Deer ~ Male

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Gemini (Zodiac)

One of my faves ~ Female Needs Name ~ Peacock

Oaldrys ~ He Has Different Versions ~ May Become Actual Character Later ~ Planning
*Rambunctious, jokester, arrogant
*Feathers not fur, need to figure out how to draw feathers
*Has golden designs on side that glow, am deciding whether or not to give him wings

*Above based on peacock deer (was too lazy to draw his outline)

Anahita ~ Water Spirit
*Drawn with no lines, not the best*

Flower Deer
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YASS! Cuteness overload

YASS! Cuteness overload *.*
Meloni and Holly are my favorite so far :3
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Awe <3 thankyou!

Awe <3 thankyou! Laughing out loud

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These are all very sweet. I

These are all very sweet. I like the gemini deers. Never stop drawing Smiling
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Oh, I really love your art!

Oh, I really love your art! totally reminds me of Disneys Bambi type of style!

Peacock look how precious she looks!
Gosh I'm putting a track here Smiling Keep it up! Your work is very lovely.