Pool Party

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Today i hosted the Pool Party (AKA pond party) and it was a blast
aside from loosing my FAVRITE pelt my friends helped me get it
back! yay! and everyone was running around i even got to see
for the first time Raffles and Taiko! yayayayaya!! And SilverShade
cant wait till the next party!!!! but im not going to make another
party till AFTER the Gods party (Up-coming) and its very cool that
There are new and cooler pelts in fact one of the new ones its the
Long mask peld i think (It looks silver and like husky fur) that is
my fav! well that all for today.

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Will that be an

Will that be an after-after-party, then? Eye

you mean, after

you mean, after mardi-gras?
so, will that party be wednesday then?
anounce it in time, lots of deer will come, i'm sure!
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Yeah i will! dont worry ur

Yeah i will! dont worry ur little antlers off!