Please people. . .

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This thing is getting really pathetic now, Ive been reading though comments and jeez people why are you being so rude to each other.

People say this is such a lovely comunity and so new people join and wth are they joining to?
pages full of rants with peoples unhappy comments :\
people are even leaving :c

We shouldnt take things that wasnt ment to be taken in the first place :c
They are tefs creaters, there pelts, The gods pelts.
Are we gods now?
They were ment to be special. .
a one of for the gods
Seems like we cant have anything special no more :\
does everyone want that to happen. . .

Hopefully this whole deal with blow over in a few days so lets just stop complaining and get back to happily playing tef C:

oh yeah btw im not new here at all cx

I agree, this is totally

I agree, this is totally ridiculous.
I have my opinions on this, everyone has their opinions on this and sure enough /everyone/ has voiced them, leave it. Stop attacking people and suchlike it's disrespectful and just plain mean-spirited.

I hope as you do that it'll blow over, I'm not pursuing this and the people that are also rising above it I applaud.
I hope everyone can just get over this whole mess and go back to being friendly towards each other.
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I definentally agree with

I definentally agree with you. c:

Oh, and welcome back! Laughing out loud If you were gone, anyways. xD
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Xylv ~ Yes, I hope very much

Xylv ~ Yes, I hope very much it will pass and everything gets back to the way it should c:

Squeegie ~ Glad so, and Thank you, yes a friend brought me back cx