Pixel constellations

There I'll collect The Endless Forest themed pixel gifs, I drew.

(Is it possible to make a small table here? o_o)

SylvanRah Piaf Canary and Astor Shanti, Ezio and little Alan

Ryder Zeitler Yandru Malina Tavra

Now I know who's been

Now I know who's been creating these. Impressive (esp. now that I've noticed them move).

Ironically, the original html table is a pain in the ass to use, it's easier to deal with emulated ones.
Here's one I made one for you based on these pictures. The base structure is
<div id="sitable"><span class="sirow"></span>
<span class="sirow"></span></div>

To add a row, copy and paste the sirow span between the div tags, as shown above. (there must be a line break between the sirows both for function and readability sake)
To add a picture to the row, drop it between the span tags:
<span class="sirow"><img src="https://morgoth.ru/images/2022/11/16/8d3c5dc04af0fdc1128705d37dcfb510.gif" alt="SylvanRah"></img></span>

margin-right and margin-bottom (5px) control the vertical/horizontal table gaps, and the background color properties can be removed (I used them only to showcase the structure).
It's a simple piece of code, tell me if you'll want something changed, or something wigs out (tefc html is sensitive to spaces and line breaks, in particular).

Uitleger, thank you for your

Uitleger, thank you for your words and for your help! I'll try this the next time I add a pic!