Pictures 3-18-08

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I've decided to make this a picture diary, though not as good as 21's it'll still be a picture diary.
I try to take pretty pictures as I go along in the forest and the closer I can get the better I feel about them, so I'll post them... on top of that, I'm far too flighty to have pictures of me and my friends.. seeing as I just run into small groups and then I run away just as fast feeling stupid for not doing things right (I don't know if anyone actually knows me anyways, so it's easier to be a amateur deer photographer)
I'm going to try and see if I can just take pictures of the wonderful nature around me, but that aside, a close up of a deer is too wonderful to let up (hmm, maybe even if I get the courage up, I'll do little drawings of what I see or find... more than likely the animals I find)
Lemme show you a few I've caught over the days (feel free to tell me your names if I don't know ^^; also use the pictures where you want)

Daiquiri followed Bellamy (I think that's this deer's name) for some time, I think she didn't want to be bothered, but Dai was more than happy to see it standing on the rocks so proudly.... just as some fawns proceeded to rear at Dai... ^^;

Dai got a gorgeous close-up of the magpie mask.... with deer once again rearing at her in the background, happily you can't see it. The masks are beautiful in the forest!

Dai also happened to come across Ghost aswell... who seemed to keep on trying to move away from Dai, it took her a while to get this picture. But the most wonderful thing, besides how gorgeous Ghost's pelt is, is the bird that flew infront of Ghost. Look at how pretty!

I know it's a bit of a ham thing to do, but it's myself on my favourite perch. I love the ruins, they're so pretty.

I was absolutely happy when Meora came over to me... though she didn't have a clue of what I was asking. She posed so wonderfully. If you see this Meora, thank you.

I sadly don't know the name of this deer, but I was so happy to get a relative close-up of this mask! It's the one from Princess Mononoke isn't it? Such a lovely movie... sad though.

anyways, I think I'll go back in the forest, I want to see if I can catch anything else!
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Excellent close-ups! And you

Excellent close-ups!

And you managed to get a great pic of Ghost, too. Smiling

Do you mind if I save the pic to use later (perhaps in an avatar for the forum)?
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Those close-ups are

Those close-ups are gorgeous! Especially the one with Ghost! <333
Keep it up. I can't wait to see more!

I pronounce you an official Phartographer! n__n;
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Go right ahead<3 I figure

Go right ahead<3
I figure that they're of other people so they can use them ^^; It's hard to ask permission in the forest and some chances are hard to give up!
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yay! I'm an official

yay! I'm an official Phartographer!
<.<... Now I can take pictures and run to you when the fawns get rearing