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So there`s a new character I`ve been wanting to test out for awhile, but I forgot the password to the account that I planned to play them on. and this is why I need to save my passwords somewhere eeeh I tried sending an email to get a new password several times, but it hasn`t worked.

Just curious as to if anyone else has had this problem. Is there any other way for you get a new password for your account(s) if the normal method doesn`t work?

Thank you! 8D

I believe you'll have to

I believe you'll have to email M&A about it. I don't think they would have a problem helping you in this case, hovewer you may want to verify that the account really belongs to you somehow to them, as they will likely point that up. Also a little warning, with the new password the account will be renewed so it's age will be reseted and you'll lose control over any comments and things you posted from the old password. Not sure if you even did, haha, but just feel like pointing out.

Password resets need to be

Password resets need to be done through Tale of Tales, so you will need to send them an email:

Changing the password the automated way only changes the password for the TEFc account, not the game itself (I think, never done it myself).
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Jennie: Yeah, I`ve only

Jennie: Yeah, I`ve only signed in once, to start the "aging" process (The character in question is an adult). It would be a shame to have the age reset, but it`s really only my fault |D Thanks for the heads up!

Terabetha: Thanks for the link 8D Apparently I need a Mircosoft account in order to actually send an email, so I`ll have to look into that. Maybe I`ll be able to remember the password eventually.

Thanks again ♥
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oh...that's odd that you

oh...that's odd that you would need a Microsoft account. I don't think you should need one. Instead of clicking the link I posted, try copying and pasting it into your email of choice (hotmail, gmail, ect).
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Just curious, where would I

Just curious, where would I insert the email I use? My apologies; I`m somewhat bad at computer stuff |D Should it be at the beginning of the link, or the end?
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First, highlight the

First, highlight the following:
Right click and select copy.
What you'll need to do next is log into whatever email you use personally (for example, I use Hotmail. This means I need to go to and log in using my account address and password).
Go into your email account and create a new email (usually this is a button called 'send' or 'compose').
There will be an area where you can past the ToT email called 'recipient' or 'to'. This is telling your email where to go. Right click and select 'paste'.
Once you have pasted the ToT email address ( where it needs to go, write your message in the body of the email you just created.
Once you've typed what you want to ask, send the email.

Did that help clear things up?

Oh well, not 100% sure if

Oh well, not 100% sure if it'll be fawn again, perhaps yes and perhaps no, but the age on the community will be reseted.
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Ah, thank you! I understand

Ah, thank you! I understand now ^^ I thought you meant that I needed to insert the email into the link itself somehow |D

And thank you, Jennie! If that turns out to be the case, I can always use a temporary picto in the meantime.
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