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What's with the nuzzles?? I get them when I'm in the forest?? And I see a note whenever I wrote a diary or comment??

Do we earn anything with it? Or do we get a special pelt or mask or so when we have 100 nuzzles??

You get them from posting

You get them from posting pictures / blogs/ comments. They don't have any use yet, but they may do in the future Laughing out loud

good question, Maja! I had

good question, Maja!
I had no idea what they were, but was too scared I'd look stupid if I asked.
nice word too.... nuzzle, sounds affectionate
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Thnx for the answers!! But

Thnx for the answers!!

But why look stupid for asking? Eye

At first I thought you get nuzzles when you use the action to affect the other deer. Thought that was the nuzzle haha Eye
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They were just called

They were just called "points" first. But we changed it to "nuzzles" because it is the website trying to do the affection emote to you. Eye

We have no use for them yet. Perhaps later...
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How cute...the website

How cute...the website trying to affect me hehe Sticking out tongue

Wonder where we can use the nuzzles for later Smiling
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*nuzzles* Eye