[Two Rutting Stags]GEHIRN&LUCIAN[Done]

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--Mister High and Mighty--

Short description

Gehirn is a rather large bull, slow, musculair. He can be very fierce and protective, but also very calm and mellow. The rut has quite an effect on him, in the sense that it has an effect on others around him. He himself, could care less. He is naturally overprotective, and rather blunt if he doesn't like something. He does not hesistate to shove his antlers into your face.

Status:Done. Back to normal.

Mood: Worried.
Health: Rather pained.
Energy: Tired.
Testosterone: Normal.
Advantages: Very powerfull neck, can swing his antlers with a very harsh blow. Big, too heavy to be shoven aside. I tend to call him "the wall". He is an Irish Elk.
Disadvantages: Slow, does not move a lot in combat. Cannot rear up high, easily taken out when hit against his neck. Not a lot of stamina compaired to young bucks.




Trees♥ (Priority)

Waarhijd (His DAUGHTER, might act protective of her. Though knows she can handle herself, and will let her do so most of the time.)

(This does not necessarily mean he wants to "mate" with them. This simply means he will be protective of them.)




Havak (Awww.)

Short diary


I met Virgil briefly, he seemed rather nervous for reasons unknown to me. Wasn't this all over yet? I thought it was. I noticed some still treat me as rutting, but I've lost the will really.
I just hope I completed my "task". Will find that out later, huh.. Met up briefly with.. Ehm.. That one doe, too. White pelt, dotd mask, peacock feathers. Felt a bit bad about boring her but, that's life. I'm going to have to get back to normal energy levels before being charming again huh~.

And that might take a while.

As I woke up to angry bellows and screams, I found Saosin and Virgil fighting, quite a crowd around them.

Virgil can fight his own battles, I'm quite sure of that yes. And before have I angried myself about his ridiculousness towards Saosin. It's just a stag, you know. But this time I was aware this was a fight out of revenge. Saosin was mad about losing to Virgil earlier..

There was a lot of anger, I could tell. I tried not to, really. But as I saw Virgil pained, I couldn't help but butt in.
I shove Saosin aside, twice, I think. From the side, where he didn't pay attention to me. Soon after that, the fight was over, and now the damage had become visible.
Virgil's antler had snapped off his head, blood streaming down his face, not a nice sight at all.
Saosin seemed rather troubled, a tine from the broken antler had damaged his leg pretty badly. We watched him faint.
Ravyn ran at me, setting her teeth into my hide, her antlers scraping at my sides. I couldn't blame her, I let her. Though, as I noticed she was indeed doing quite some damage, and didn't seem to stop anytime soon, I started defending myself, attempting to push her off with my antlers. I didn't want to harm her either. I know what I had done was unfair, and she was in all the right to be angry at me.

She stopped, after quite a while. I walked off, giving her the victory she'd deserve, though not running. I always felt like such could somehow indicate the start of a chase, in case she was still mad.
She soon went back to keep Saosin company.

Virgil was wobbling at me, and I screamed at him. Hm... It's hard to fend him off though, especially looking like that. He really didn't remember how to stand upright.
I sat with him, attempting to clean him up. Him struggling to make me stop. Fine. It hurts, ofcourse, but do you know what hurts worse? Yes indeed, an infected headwound, pup.

But, he's not a child, so I have no say.
Just tried to keep him company. Accendare joined us briefly, seemingly worried about the stag. I made room for her in case she wanted to stay with us, but she didn't. Which is alright too.
Virgil though decided later on, as we had moved, to keep her company at the oak.

Brr. The oak. I rather sit outside of it. It's so small. I get stuck with my antlers all the time.

I think I did a good job protecting Trees this year. But we'll have to see. It was rather fun to find myself with big herds, although Virgil and I often cheated, as when we had to leave we'd leave the herd to one of us both to protect.
But he's a good fighter, and I trust him with Trees.
Or. Well. No.

No I don't. Aah!


Found Virgil with Trees, Accendare, a spy and.. Ehm.. That could've been it actually. But I found them at the birch.
Virgil thought I wanted to herd them but I honestly could care less. I just try to keep an eye on everyone. We rested a bit, untill a kind fawn arrived I went to play with for a bit. Yori arrived later on too. I'm glad he's.. Alright now. We played and tried to teach him how to jump over Trees. Whom he later fell asleep next to.
I also met Lucian for the first time today. What a small kid.


Oh. Ohwell.
Found Virgil staring at a group of does let by Aleit.
I gave him small antlers and told him to get in that herd. Fine. But I had to promis I'd come to save him.
So after sizing Aleit up, we sparred, and finally I drove him off. Urgk.. Quite tiring though I have to say and, since Aux was nearby I had expected to quickly loose this herd of.. Pretty lesbians and a travestite again. But no, he did try at some point, but naah. Led the herd of soon anyway.
Virgil is such a doe you know. Gosh.

Anyway, I brought them to a patch of blueberries where they, like nice does should, huddled together and just enjoyed themselves.
And ofcourse did perverse things to eachother, what else. Well I got to watch, so fine by me.
Virgil had some attetntion-needing-problems distracting me from Rush in the distance. He was approaching before too, quite.. Shyly almost. I felt bad for the guy. So I went to cuddle up to him. He seemed alright with it but, was still hesistant to join us. Kids.
Finally I dragged him over as I had to leave myself.


Been herded by Virgil today.
It's ok. I need the rest. Kauna and Trees are with us too, sleeping. And then Havak came charging through to steal does.
Whom are sleeping.
Or does he want to steal me? Oh Havak, you'll have to do better to impress me~ *Giggle*

As I returned later on I had been spellspammed into all kinds of things. Nice. As I finally returned to my usual look, I found Virgil now had company from some more deer as before. Trees returned not long after. I nuzzled with Jester for a bit before I noticed Trees had bounded off, and was now approached by Saosin. Virgil was faster as I, but damn that didn't make me happy. I stood guard over her as Virgil was pestering Saosin, making him angry and whatnot. Damnit.
Anyway Trees moved again, leaving me behind watching Virgil and Saosin engage in battle. At first I just stood by, but I hate, HATE, watching Virgil getting himself hurt again. So I jumped in as well.
We got to push Saosin back but, soon after Virgil was already rubbing trees and challenging the stag.

Fuck that.

If you want to get yourself hurt, stop doing it in front of me. I feel rather used, you know I would jump in.
Stupid stag.

I left, and as I returned later that evening I found Virgil with a fawn, alone in the birch. He seemed rather battered.
I wonder why I forgive so easily. Hmpf.. Ohwell. He explained to me he got into a fight, I fussed at him and tried to clean him up abit. He wasn't badly wounded, but he could use a grooming session alright. The fawn though obviously didn't like me, perhaps I look scary? It's been told before.

It has even been proven, that my staring can kill. We call it my "Stare of death." Yap.
The fawn left later on, though.


Found Virgil's "herd." Claimed him and went to sit with my precious Trees. Heheh.
Ammy is such a fine, sweet doe too you know. And it's a lot of fun watching the beautifull young doe Dajhi play with the local fawns.

At some point, Ammy got pelted with a pelt reminding me of Taliene. Apparantly it was a lot of fun to confuse me.. Well, Trees got upset at her and with that Ammy ran off. Made me feel bad for her too. She can't help it I'm too stupid to tell sets apart.. Mh..

We all splitted up then. Virgil went to Polt's sleeping spot, apparantly. As I was wandering, I found Trees returned to the spot she gave birth at, and eventually died.
I'm just sitting at the hill nearby, where those who cared for her watched.
Rather melancholy at the rut huh.

Spoke to an upset Trees shortly, before she ran off. Virgil had left as well by then. Hm. It's not always easy.
Virgil seemed uneasy when I found him again. Apparantly Walter was having a ragefit. I was a little afraid he'd have a go at Lemon, so I kept my eyes on her. Later Wafiya. But in the end it seemed we were unneeded, and we went to get our women back from Gustiro.

Virgil and I are rather good at working together. We need no plan, immediatly we both took the other end of the herd and ran in at an invisible sign. Ofcourse we both knew whom would take whom. I'd lead Trees off, he went for Kauna. Trees ofcourse was going tricky on me, returning to Gustiro's herd each time. Still I was quite capable of evading his antlers, heheh.

Trees led me back to the birch, were we spend some time together before Kauna and Virgil joined us. Gustiro came back later to try and claim our ladies, but only stole Faunet from Virgil. *Shrug*
And then I spotted another face.
A face of which the birds had told me to watch out for. He had his eyes on Trees.
As soon as I found he came too close I went at him. Multiple times too. But quickly I noticed he was afraid of me, nowhere near my level. As Trees went up to him to make me go rawr at him, I saw him cowering at me. So I decided not to attack, I didn't have much to fear. We know you have to impress Trees a little, he didn't seem capable of such.
She was a little annoyed at me for not fighting, hiding in a tree. Well, I told her to show her pretty face to us again and she came out. Women. Kauna left, and later Trees too. By then it was just me, Virgil and Ephire playing games. Masktag later even.
Then I peacocked Virgil and we went to cause chaos. In the meantime I had to go after our voyeur Silence for a bit, but he ran off like a little wuss. Awwww.

So chaos it was.


Found Virgil. He seemed a bit ehm, defeated. Tried to cheer him up and keep him company for a bit.
A rather short day.


The rut has started. It has been noticed.

Found Virgil's herd, stole Trees. Heheheh. We sparred a little, but I had the advantage of being uphill. Twice.
Ammy seems to like him better atm though. See, being a gentleman didn't help me anything. Ohwell.
Taking care of the lazy man's herd as he is away.

Some weird zombie stag just jumped up us. Circling us. Not a rutter, so I asked him if he could leave. The does were getting nervous. Often Ammy would jump up and lead them away, but he'd just follow.
So after a while, I got angry anyway. I mean what the heck. Get brains or something.

The little herd collected in the birch, and the guy finally left. Though a young buck, Risiko, seemed interested in collecting my does.
We had a rather foul discussion haha. Poor kid. He left at some point. But not before working together with Havak to tire me out. Argk.
After Risiko left, Havak challenged me. I was kind of amused, really. A buck? Haha! But he put up a good fight. And ofcourse he was smart enough to tire me with Risiko first. We sized up and, ohgosh. Such a sad thing. I think I'm twice his size. But he didn't give up, and I could see his mother cheer on him in the background.
I kind of wanted to reward him for his bravery. And as Trees wasn't in the herd anymore, I gave up the herd for him.

All go aawwwwwwww.


--Young and Unforgiving--

Short description

Lucian is still a young stag, though for a stag his age rather large and well build. Many scars upon his hide from the countless of fights he has been into.
Since he is red-deer based, the rut has a huge effect on him. He can be rather agressive, but doesn't loose his happy-bouncing side if he doesn't need to.

Status: Done, though, may still be hormonal, as he is based on a "real" red deer. I won't have him rut in the forest anymore though.

Mood: Good.
Health: Alright.
Energy: Alright.
Testosterone: A little above normal, not much.
Advantages: Very fast, cunning, does not run out of energy quickly. Goes into a sort of "focus" when enraged. (Don't think he'd need that during a rutspar.)
Disadvantages: Small antlers. Does not take blows well. Does not know his limits. Easily pushed away.




Stelmaria (Priority)
Dajhi (Priority)
Silverdreaming +

(This does not necessarily mean he wants to "mate" with them. This simply means he will be protective of them.)





Short diary


Hmmhm! Met Stelmaria today! We cuddled up a little though I felt rather slow. Hope I didn't bore her too much, heh.
Soon we sensed Dajhi in the birch, and Stel led me to her. There were some other deer around too, but I didn't mind them much.
Though, before all that I got distracted by my father and Saosin, whom seemed to have a hissy fit at eachother, when finally Saosin charged. I don't like to see such fights.. I like fights where I feel like they both aren't going to murder eachother. Or try to. Though it always reminds me how much I am like dad...

When I returned, I noticed Stelmaria was quite upset. The fight was over, both stags seemed quite damaged.. Was there a winner at all? They both kind of.. Well lost something. I didn't watch it all the way. Dad was in the distance, with that black stag. And Saosin was, well right in front of Stelmaria and me. Ravyn seemed mad at some doe who didn't want to leave them alone, and Stel was upset to see Saosin hurt. She explained to me she blames it on the rut, but maybe she actually likes the stag a little? I'm not sure, eh, I don't think he's as bad as he seems though. Maybe.
(But the rut just makes me mad at any stag)

In the end I decided to try and lead that doe away from Ravyn. Well I'm not sure if I was the one who did it, but she left them eventually. Phew.
Though soon, Stel had to leave as well. Hm... I hope I'll see her again soon.. It's hard to see her cry.

I went back to Dajhi and.. Zach? Zach was gone by now, and I found Dajhi playing with a fawn she tried to get to follow to a calmer spot. But no way, it was distracted by a bunny. I tried to assist her, and together we joined up at dandelion hill to rest.
The fawn fell asleep between us, as we chatted about things, clearing up what was going on.

I think we came to a conclusion, yes. I think it'll be fine. I'm rather happy, actually. Sgood to have her back.. To have us back.
We played with the fawn, later on near the ruins too, untill she had to leave.

I guess after all, for my first rut, I was rather confused. But I think I know how it works now, next year will go much better!


Woke up next to the tree stump. Zach, Dajhi and Accendare nearby. But first I had to meet up with Gehirn, this stag dad hangs out with.
He stinks.

Zach must've thought I wanted to steal his "herd." He must've been proud when I "left." Gods I'm so fucking furious. JUST.


I kept myself company for a while.. Running, bashing trees, screaming. I guess it.. Worked. A little. Bah.
I noticed Silverdreaming waking up behind me. I wasn't sure if I should approach her, I know she's rather with other does. But I just.. Hoped she'd distract me, perhaps.
I noticed Dajhi and Zach in the distance but tried to shake it off of me. Keep my focus on Silver. She.. She distracted me well.. She smells really nice too.. Hm...
Can't really help myself as she flicks her tail underneath my muzzle. I wanted her close to me, even afraid Zach would take me on again and sneak her away. Bah.
But he left. And as he did, I decided we could keep Dajhi company for a short while.. She didn't seem too angry with me about earlier.

I had to leave soon after too..

As I woke up I noticed Silverdreaming and Dajhi with Takeshi.
That wasn't going to happen.
No.. No...

No I just.. I just wanted to be with them, no fussy stag near. Close.. Perhaps..
We fought. We fought long. Damnit. I thought we were never going to stop. I pushed him back, he pushed me back. I didn't expect there to be so much power in.. Well he's smaller as me, not much anymore, but he is. He put up an awesome fight.. But I didn't want to give up.
Dajhi was there you know. And even if she told me that she would've gone with me anyway, it's a matter of pride. And, and Silverdreaming too. I-I mean.. I couldn't lose that one.. Not from him, not that time..
I'm exhausted now though.. Wasted so much energy..
Silverdreaming was led off by Accendare though, back to Takeshi. Well.. Dajhi stayed with me.. She takes good care of me, you know. Hmn..

Please stay close..



I'll go..


Vee stayed with me.. I was glad to... Atleast it wasn't cold. I was keeping an eye on everyone in the distance.
An eye on them perhaps.

No. No. Nononono.

Silverdreaming joined us again. Perhaps tired too, of wandering around. A skull-doe went up to us and I greeted her, keeping her at a distance to make sure Silver didn't get distressed. Seemed to work..
Took a short nap, woke up a little better. Everything hurts though! Bah. Silver and Vee woke up too and, we seemed to have been joined by a mini Takeshi. Rather cute haha. I hope that after this rut, we can play again. I feel terrible for bashing him up like I did.. Such a bad mood today.

Foul. Foul. Foul mood.

I noticed Zach and Dajhi approaching and curiously watched. Though, Vee decided it was time to go elsewhere. And even though Silver and I sort of objected, she was firm in her choice. Did I get thrown off my throne by a doe again? Hm. So we followed her to a spot near the old oak, Celeste joining us too.
We kept our rest there.. I hope Dajhi is ok.. I'm sure she is. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure.

Just kept close to Silverdreaming.. She seems to be tired. I am too.

Slept for a while, untill Silver woke up and I jolted up as well. Hm. We had a little herd collected after a while, though I was still rather tired. I noticed Rush approaching, but he didn't challenge me. Lucky me. I think he's a good fighter but I wouldn't survive more losses.. He left, and shortly after Dajhi arrived! I scooted her over to join us. Apparantly Zach had left. Hmmhm! I moved the herd and we went to the birch, sitting in a patch of blueberries. (As soon as someone fell asleep I panicked though, they go invisible aah!)
Vee kept with us, which was fun. I quite like her although she can be mean. Sometimes.. I guess she's just making fun of me.
Kept Dajhi and Silver close to me. They seem to like eachother so that's good. I always feel I'm boring when I'm alone with a doe.. I'm not as cool as dad, being able to sit still all day and still have the does swoon all over him. Maybe later.

Dajhi and I played some games. With a floating mini, with rocks, with eachother ooh~! Well it was fun.
And then suddenly this stag ran up to us. He had antlers I had never seen before, they were hot! I think he burned me, and I didn't even put up much of a fight! I was tired! I couldn't fight anymore!
So quite ashamed of myself I ran off, leaving him with the does. Though he didn't seem interested in them at all and just.. Left them. So I returned, still quite ashamed. I mean what use am I to them, when there are obviously better choices out there.
But they didn't mind..

Peach joined too. She's quite alright, met her as a fawn with Zach.
Ehm.. Well. Some skull-masked kid scared Silverdreaming off, to my dismay. By now Starling and Auxentius had arrived on the scene as well. Starling is nice, too. Though she seems a little hyper, and I was still.. Rather tired.
As I tried to follow Silverdreaming, I noticed Dajhi seemed rather tired, couldn't keep up. She told me to go after her, but I decided to bring her to a cosy spot for a nap. Which is what we did, nap together. She talks in her sleep, haha!

We woke up later to some silly games, however short. Soon we were back at her dear tree-stump, roaming around a bit. Later on chatting.

I'm confused... She is, too..

Did I make a mistake, somewhere? I must have. I must.

This rut is over soon right? Please...

Kept Dajhi's stump company for a while. I noticed the flowers were starting to have an effect on me too, had to sneeze constantly. I dragged myself out of the smelly stuff.
It's when I sensed Stelmaria approaching.
I was on my feet immediatly. I wanted to know if she was alright, if she hadn't been harassed, well, just how things had been for her. I hadn't been able to keep quite an eye on her this rut as I would've wanted to. But that's ok.

I was.. Glad to have her near.. I need to get my mind straight..

Two fawns were playing around us, casting flowers on me! Argk, I'll never get over that. Sneezing, eyes tearing, nothing fun. And my nose starts to itch terribly too.

We moved, I was rather curious about all the deer around us. At some point a doe approached, but she was gone quickly again. Stel and I decided to chat up a little, sitting together, view on the deer in front.
She seemed a little worried but, atleast the rut had gone rather well for her. She told me about her meeting with Saosin, the big bull I encountered before too. I was a little jealous, admittedly, but I can't blame her. It's just the time of year.

Hm.. Yeah. I was glad to be able to talk to her, even though I wasn't able to tell everything I would've wanted to. Let it be monday soon, so I can pull things straight again.



Wandered around. Noticed Zach from a distance with some does, don't know don't care. Still couldn't help but keep an eye on him. Hm..
Then this big stag tried to drag me to his herd. I followed him first untill I noticed Zach was with them. That for some reason made me turn around and get away as fast as I could.
I don't know. I don't feel right. Not quite right. I couldn't stop.. Thinking so I.. Went to sit at her spot. Alone.
Sometimes changing place to see what was happening.. But going back. And then at some point he came to me, with some doe. Peach I think. But I didn't want his company. So I got mad. So he got mad. And he went to sit there anyway, so I turned my back to him...
He left.

Then I stayed alone. Guarding.

Now she's here..


First thing today: Joined Dajhi in playing. We spoke a bit, frolicked around. Then I saw Kauna in the distance, accompanied by Saosin. I noticed she came up to me and bowed, I returned the favour but Saosin would have none of it. Sort of made me angry. She can make her own decisions you know, if I'm cuter as you you'll have to live with it! So I tried to take my chance and went up to them. Quickly got this bulls antlers in my face, ofcourse. A rather harsh blow too. I quickly took my retreat back to Dajhi, whom fussed at me for even trying. Sorry Dajhi ;_;'...
She found this fawn later with whom we'd play, and later on we ended in the first forest. As I was listening, I heard Saosin and dad fight over Kauna, Silverdreaming near them. I decided as they were distracted, to go to them and see whom I could drag with me. Well, Kauna bowed to me but seemed more interested in the fight. Silverdreaming was heading back to Dajhi anyway, so I sort of followed.

We collected in a purple flower patch. (Sneeze!) Just hanging about, playing, antler spamming and resting. Still that fight between Saosin and dad kept going. My curiousity got the best of me, and I went up to look. Man.. I wish I could fight like that you know..
It was then when I noticed Kauna had approached me and Dajhi instead, and I greeted her to join us. Yay! I'm more impressive as two stags whom are murdering eachother! I feel like I accomplished something.
We played a bit untill both does had to leave. Bummer. But atleast dad is still alive. And they stopped fighting too!


The snow stopped, and I went to sit with Dajhi for now.
I wonder why I feel like this.

Well we went to infultrate dad's herd. I was dressed as a doe.....
So I nuzzled Dajhi like crazy to get her scent on me..
And at first I thought dad didn't fall for it but he herded me anyway. But the girls weren't that easily fooled haha.. They kept sniffing me and giving me confused looks, I grabbing my chances to nuzzle them and be nuzzled in return! ♥
And then like three of them jumped on me. As in nuzzling, rubbing, you know the deal. Apparantly they flirt with eachother to get the males attention.
So dad caught me and chased me off. Don't even ask how he noticed...

Tsk. Ammy almost seemed to be following me, but in the end I failed and was chased into the birch.
Though as dad left the harem, I came back to play with them! For a short while a really confusing doe arrived. She looked like Trees but smelled different.. Odd.


Phew. Luckily it's not too crowded today..

As I entered the forest I soon noticed Stelmaria was there too. As I came into her direction, I also noticed Auxentius his herd nearby. Just wanted to test my luck. I almost succeeded in stealing Kauna from him, but unfortunately she poofed into the nothing! Oh well, I wasn't hoping on anything. So Stel and I shared a cuddle and a hop, and even though I still wanted to try Aux was too fast on chasing me off.

We were playing around and, later Dajhi joined too. So much fun I always have with those two! ♥ We hopped, played buttnuzzletag, ofcourse them against me. I also lost Stella from Dajhi. O_O'.... Fierce doe!
A fawn joined us too. Such a cute fella.

Anyway later on Dajhi and I went to help out this naked dude who kept following us for the rest of the day. Don't get naked all the time then, geesh! Well since Dajhi didn't seem to need my help on it anymore, I hopped back to play with Stel for a bit. ♥~

Well the girls were getting tired, but it seemed we didn't get much chance of rest. Dad was nearby and suddenly seemed quite interested in my two girls. So we fought and, honestly I didn't think I'd put up for so long. But yknow! Both Dajhi and Stel! Why'd I give up easily?
Bah. But he won anyway.

Kept returning for a while. Hmmrn. But then he lead his herd off. I followed them into the birches, circling, bellowing out. I wanted Stelmaria back. And Dajhi too, ofcourse. I saw Silverdreaming arriving and considered going to her. Then Accendare left Virgil's herd to greet her. THEN, I went up to them. Virgil ofcourse noticing me, going after me, leaving Dajhi and Stel up for grabs. So I turned and ran for them, taking Stelmaria with me.
Later on I tried to get Dajhi back too but, hadn't noticed she had already left haha. Only noticed that when running from dad like crazy.


So anyway, I led them to the playground to shelter from the snow. We sat there for quite a while untill Dajhi decided she wanted the oak. Not a problem! So we went there, dad's harem in the background. And as we sat down, Silverdreaming decided to come up and join us too. Accendare following. Dad behind alone. Eheh.. I didn't do anything I swear...
So well I asked him to join us instead of going RRRAAAAGEEE at me but, he instead left and Vee came in his place.

Now I have a harem of siiix doeees. Hahahahahaahaaaaaaa. Ohyeah stags beat that. Uh-huh. I'm so hot I'm irresistableee~



Well alright, so we started officially?

I heard Zach in the distance with a doe, Ammy I think. She seemed pretty but, I was sure that if I'd approach, Zach would fight me off. At some point I came close enough for Zach to notice me, and he actually greeted me! So we played around a little, untill Ammy decided to flirt with us so we'd start fighting. She almost succeeded, I have such a temper.. But instead I decided to leave..
Alone again.

Then I noticed Nuki and Zach fighting over a herd that was wandering off, haha. So I decided to, again, hop around and play with them! And not long after, Nuki came to fight me off. Though at first, we just held an eh, showoff. Sizing up. But he quickly got distracted by Zach..
Ehm. I think I noticed Kauna nearby, dad had left. So I went to greet her, we hopped a bit. Not for long, dad came back and chased me off. Again. Ohjoy!

So well yeah. Zach seemed alone after a while too so we hung out for a bit. I tried getting through the herd once in a while too. Then I got the chance to frolic a little with Kauna, whom was now with Auxentius his herd. Well I almost sneaked her off but, we stayed close. Soon Auxentius would notice me, and chase me off again. Ohgod tsk. So I went to Zach.

Uhm. So suddenly two does started to circle me. Vee and Saosin in a dress. I was rather flattered! So I joined their antics and s-.. I lost my memory for a bit and woke up later after seeing Saosin naked.
But he saw me nak- So anyway, Nukilik was flirting with Ammy and I couldn't hear his words any longer, so Zach and I went for a drink at the pond. And a bath too! Gotta look good!

Well later on uh, I rejoined with Dajhi and Zach near the birch. Nukilik approached and, me still being rather grumpy at him, I ignored him. But I felt quite bad about that soon after so followed him to where he went to rest, the crying idol.
We sat at quite a distance at first, just talking about what was bothering us. I think we.. Well this rut is just confusing you know haha.
Nukilik left and I noticed Dajhi at Gustiro's herd. I also noticed he had noticed me! He was distracted by another stag at first and soon I found a chance to snatch Dajhi. (She was so impressed by my strutting, uh-huh.)
Well she was feeling a bit tired. I groomed her and later on we were joined by Accendare. Had noticed her sleeping before as well.
I'm a little lazy, sorry! I tend to be more active earlier.

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*Tracks* :3

*Tracks* :3
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^I second that.

^I second that.

ohhitheretrack :>

ohhitheretrack :>
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*trackity* I think this is

I think this is the first blog where I've seen Zach listed as an "opponent". ;D
They'll have fun, that's for sure.
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HI, LUCIAN. -sits on-


-sits on-
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...Hai. 83

...Hai. 83

(No subject)


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By Leuvr
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Sorry I vanished on you a

Sorry I vanished on you a little bit ago. Forgot I had to drop someone off at work. Heh.
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Track! And I'd love a blank


And I'd love a blank version of the CSS. I can't figure out how to do it haha.
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Watching this. =3

Watching this. =3
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I know Takeshi'd love to be

I know Takeshi'd love to be Lucian's opponent.
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tracking ^~

tracking ^~


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Hey, I'm not personally mad

Hey, I'm not personally mad by the way, in case you didn't know :z
Rofl, Yorii doesn't usually get scared >:U
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Thanks sweet

Thanks sweet <33 I noticed you weren't, otherwise I wouldn't have roleplayed along XDD
You don't touch Waarhijd >8CCCC XDD Makes him go ANNGUURRR.

Anyway, I'll just take it off. I don't want to drag drama here XD
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OH GOOD WOO. <3 Maybe he will just go into "hibernation" inside the oak which is so not an excuse for hiding from Gehirn nooo~!
I need to track this anyway so em yes'm.


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"My dearest brother,

"My dearest brother, Lucian... I look forward to seeing you this year. May the best stag win."

Wheee family-competition c:
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Thank you, dear, you helped

Thank you, dear, you helped us out, again. We should play that more times heh~ She slowly walk away smiling and wagging her furry tail, only to make fun of him.
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Rice followed some of your

Rice followed some of your does into the herd. Now she seems quite comfortable, haha. Will probably be adding Gehrin to her interests soon. ;3
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Tracking too. Lilly decided

Tracking too.

Lilly decided to join... Lucian's "herd" >P
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track :B

track :B
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ROFL, poor Lucian, losing his

ROFL, poor Lucian, losing his herd to his daddy xD


Please say he won't.


Jared had fun being a

Jared had fun being a transvestite 8'D Why am I not tracking this.

Tracking. Accendare met

Tracking. Accendare met Lucian today (:
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Haha Persay ran into you a

Haha Persay ran into you a few minutes before Virgil came and stole your herd. I left soon after you ran off to the pond though.
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Don't mind Celeste, she's

Don't mind Celeste, she's completely in character and she's just...annoyed.

Virgil's picking on the bucks again? xD
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Rice: Ohdear sorry! I didn't

Ohdear sorry! I didn't read your comment in time, do you still need it? I'll make one for you tomorrow then <3

And so their battle will need to begin sometime >8D

You were the mini? XDD Mini's tend to confuse him a little


The winey little kid should know his place ;_;



ROFL that's how I kept trying to keep Luc's "record" up.
"Four does and a travestite now! Yeah!"

Yesyes she did! <3


Oooooh! Was that youuu! I just found your "Who are these deer" blog too! XD Yes, that was indeed quite Luc. He let you near since your stag was quite the nice calm company, and you were no rut-participant, thus no thread to him XDD
Mean Virgil huh ;x Luc didn't deserve that. *Sob* X"D


Ah I see<3 We were both terribly confused though. First she was acting angry, then coming back to dance again? We really weren't sure. We hope she feels better soon XD..
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xD I was confused about why

xD I was confused about why there were so many angry deer in the Forest, then I saw the rut blogs. Luc and his company of does were great to be around. They were calmer than some groups of deer, which was a nice break. I was afraid for a second that Virgil would try to strike up a spar with my stag. xD
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These guys are comedy

These guys are comedy gold!

"He's not going to carry my child. Right?
Please say he won't."

"rubbing trees, seeing if I could catch their attention. Just caught dad's antlers in my face though."

= Giggles.

ahaha one of those skull does

ahaha one of those skull does was Patriot, she's wearing doe antlers so she doesn't get confused with a stag.
ahaha, you confused her so much when you attacked her XDD

baw, no worries, she'll avoid him now xD;
This account is a biography holder. Nothing more.

Haha. "I wonder what Emdeaur

Haha. "I wonder what Emdeaur thinks he is." xD He doesn't know, really. He's both. He likes being a doe. Lol.
I hope you did not actually become bothered by me, I know Lucian has never really liked Emdeaur very much, but I meant everything that he did in good nature and I hope everything is alright.
Have a good day! <3

Oh oh oh and track. ^^
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Persay: I understand XDD I'm

I understand XDD I'm a bit suprised by the amount that's already going on too O_o'.. Maybe we need to arrange that better next time. (Though I do enjoy it, I do think others are a bit annoyed by it XD)

Rofl ;_; Glad you like their silly diary's. XD

Haha ah I see! I can't remember picto's it seems. She is a canine right? I didn't learn untill after I went offline that it was Patriot frankly XDD Lucian just didn't know what to do anymore.
Ohpf I'm sorry <33 Hope you're not offended or anything! Next time she has antlers she'll just have to trash him about o_o'

ROfl I didn't know what to type about that. Frankly, he was a bit annoyed, because even though Emdeaur wore doe-antlers he still views him as a stag. He didn't like it to be used as an "excuse to get to Dajhi." Though when Emdeaur buttnuzzled him he had enough of it. ROFL. Ofcourse it's all alright <3

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Heheh Lilly is a minor but

Heheh Lilly is a minor but she's trying to tease males to fight for her neverthless xD Not just for protection against more possessive males, but more for the fun of it.
Seele's picture

For Rice, and those whom

For Rice, and those whom would like it:

Blank version of my boxes up thar. Just copy/paste the code inside the box.

Any questions, feel free to ask!
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I was going to comment with a

I was going to comment with a simple track, but recent events require a little more than that. I'm sorry that some people were screaming "Takeshi's harem" all over the place; it really wasn't. And I'll admit that Ochiba has a bold streak, but she wasn't starting trouble, especially when she realized what was going on; she then felt a need to protect Noelle and Zanny. I hope that Lucian is/will be all right, as well as his friends. Perhaps everyone can meet, interact, etc. on better terms when hormones return to something of a normal level.

XD ahaha, it's fine, yes she

XD ahaha, it's fine, yes she is a canine 83 but she can't stand to see everyone having fun without her XDD

she never actually has antlers, I just have them on her because I like how they look ='D
This account is a biography holder. Nothing more.
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"Do not give up."

"Do not give up."

Seele's picture

Scythe: I hope you're not

I hope you're not apologising to me o_O I'm sure they could have better interaction on a later time. Like when Lucian isn't stressed out majorly and goes grumpy. I'm sure there won't be a problem when he's better xDD

I understand, I wouldn't stand that either XDD Rofl really? That works well then!


"I don't..."
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"You are never boring to me,

"You are never boring to me, Lucian."

Sorry that she could stay there any longer. I had to close TEF because there were people storming in to our house. c: