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Only taking this down briefly so I can finally boot my ass and finish up the biothatwasmadeagesagoforme. My motivation for Kody is just so bad. Starr y.
Will hopefully have it up this week if uni grants me the time.
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MUAHAHA (8 I don't even know

I don't even know when new pages begin B|
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Pink > Beuh é_è It's bad. We

Pink > Beuh é_è It's bad. We can't have the 200th comment AND the fifth page, except if we wanna create a double-post, hehe 8D

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The deer sitting with you and

The deer sitting with you and Jo-Jo is my Emdeaur. :3
Also, I can't tell you how much I love the CSS on this. It's so awesome. And that screenie edit at the top. Amazing. ^^
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Ah c: Emadeaur seems like a

Ah c: Emadeaur seems like a really awesome deer 8D

Thanks, Pinkpaws40 gave me the codes I mainly just changed the colours and a few other things c:
And thanks again 8D <3

"Ya seemed a little

"Ya seemed a little surprised, kid. Didn't expect that from me, hm?."

That wasn't a double post.

That wasn't a double post. v_v
And I didn't fail with the codes.
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"N-No I didn't, but thanks, I

"N-No I didn't, but thanks, I owe you one."

Your first post gave birth B|

Even I was surprised when I saw Marcus come running in, I'm actually glad he did since I was on the phone at the same time. making it difficult to move Kody around D8

"Ya owe me nothing." Mean

"Ya owe me nothing."

Mean first post. It's not allowed to give birth to a random new post. v_v
Haha, didn't know you'd be surprised, too. |D
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"If you say so, thanks

"If you say so, thanks anyway."

First post should be punished B|
Marcus just magically appeared on my screen so I was very surprised. I didn't even see him coming.
He is a ninja (8

Finally I proved you he's a

Finally I proved you he's a ninja. |D
First I thought it would cause some misunderstandings if Marcus ran into the fight. As if Marcus was fighting against Kody or something c:
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Yes, took quite a while

Yes, took quite a while though, he has improved since last time (8
Nah, I didn't think Marcus would randomly just attack Kody while he's already being attacked by someone else c:

My deer clover met you C8

My deer clover met you C8
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YESYES Elfy met Kody-ody

YESYES Elfy met Kody-ody today ~ I ISH YOUR BIGESS FAN
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Thanks for the track &hearts;

Thanks for the track ♥
Oh, I was wondering who that deer was, it was nice meeting Elfy c:
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"Nice doggy....."

"Nice doggy....." Evangeline's senile smile rivaled that of an old woman's; It's like the soft cooeing of a mother speaking with her child. The fairy doe didn't have a reason to speak with Kody, she merely wandered over from the Old Oak. "I would like to meet you again sometime, Kody," Said the doe, her voice suddenly lifted from the obnoxious baby talk.
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The stag stared at the doe

The stag stared at the doe with a look of confusion. He was puzzled as to why she was speaking to him like a child. He wasn't too impressed by her words though. To Kody, it sounded like the doe was mocking him. His ocean blue eyes scanned the doe carefully. He did not recognize her or her voice, he was sure he hadn't seen her around. There was something though, that made him feel nervous about being around her, but it could have just been because she was a stranger. His gaze then locked onto the doe's eyes, waiting for her to speak again. Her sudden voice change made him step back a little, and his ears pin up. "Who is she? How does she know my name?" He was so busy tied up in his own thoughts that he forgot to reply to the doe. Quickly, he snapped out of it and opened his mouth; but no words came out. The hybrid had no idea of how to react. He could feel himself start to tremble with panic. He had to think of something, but his nerves blinded him, so he gave the doe a weak smile as a response, it was the only thing he was able to do.

(Sorry for the looong, crappy post. I just woke up :'D
I also have no idea why I called him "The hybrid". It was the only thing that came into my head. B|)
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"Hmm... I don't know why, but

"Hmm... I don't know why, but you seem familiar. Have I..." She paused as she saw Kody's weak smile, since he looked a bit clammy. "Are you alright, dear? Fairies bring uncomfort wherever they go...." Did this deer really have a fear for her? He coudn't have been one of my changelings, anyway. Yes, there seemed to be a dwindling possibilty that this male has met a fairy already, just not her.

{Don't worry, it's okay xD}
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He still held onto his smile

He still held onto his smile as she spoke. He was almost certain that he had never seen her before. Even if they had met previously, it must have been a very brief encounter or else he would have remembered. His smile vanished as she continued speaking. A Fairy? What was she talking about? His confusion only grew and grew the more she spoke. He silently gulped, he had to say something this time. "Y-Yes, I'm fine." His voice was quiet; he was never a loud speaker. His eyes still remained on her. There was something he wanted to ask but he didn't want to insult her or make her angry, but he really wanted to know. "I'm s-sorry but...who are you?" Yet again, he scanned the doe, trying to figure out what she was and why she was talking about fairies. "W-What are you?" His stutter was a clear sign on his nervousness.
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"I am a fairy, a being of a

"I am a fairy, a being of a world of magic and illusion. My name is Evangeline, the Queen of Fairies." Vangel humbled herself on this one because she most certainly wasn't a queen. Her strange, soft deer face began to fade away and revealed a human face; It was very elegant. Its eyes were a stunning forest green, and it had a mix of straight and curly hair that shined in faint rainbow colors. "And... who might you be? What might you be? Yet....... you reming me of a dog...."
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Kody's expression changed to

Kody's expression changed to that of shock. He had seen some rather odd things since he came to the forest, he could even be considered one of them, but he never thought he would see a fairy. He didn't even know such a thing existed. He watched silently as the doe's face changed into that of a human's. Surprisingly, he was unfazed by the transformation. There were other creatures which had a face other than that of a deer's, it was quite normal in this place. His eyes narrowed slightly at her words. He was part canine, but to say it in such a manner was rather insulting to him, since it was coming from someone whom he had just met. Kody did not actually know what he was. He had little memory of his past, barely any memories of what his parents were and no knowledge of what species he was, but it would be rather embarrassing to admit he didn't know. "You know I'm said my n-name before." His eye colour changed a little. From the brilliant blue they were to a murky blue with a red and orange tint. However it was barely noticeable. "I'd rather n-not tell you what I am." The way the fairy doe was talking to him made him a little agitated, but he tried not to let it show.
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"Mmmm.... why don't you sit

"Mmmm.... why don't you sit down with me? I feel very comfortable around you. The doe's eyes were showing a little lust for the stag, but she was extremely careful not to let it slip. It was almost as if she had let herself go completely, even unvealing her precious translucent wings."If I told you that I wasn't from the forest.... would you believe me? There are many strange deer here, but.... Her face saddened. Was this a slow dreadful ending or a new beginning?
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The stag felt rather awkward

The stag felt rather awkward being around the doe, but he was always awkward around people he had just met. "S-Sure." He was careful not to sit too close to her though, he didn't trust her, not yet. "Yeah, I would believe y-you. I'm not from around here either." He was unsure of how he arrived in the forest, it was all a vague blur to him. He always wanted to regain his memories, to know who his parents were, to know what he was, to know how he got here, but he could never remember, no matter how hard he tried. His eyes turned back to normal and another smile appeared on his skull however this one was more bold. He then noticed the doe's expression change. "Are you okay? Where are you from?" His stutter had faded, but he was still nervous.
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Evangeline was puzzled at her

Evangeline was puzzled at her own words for once. Who hasn't heard of a fairy? Silly me... "I am from the Realm of the Phearie. But I used to live in a place called Louisiana once. Everyone had such a strange accent! It has been a long time since Eva has been so eccentric about herself. She looked up to the sun and her head was filled with memories from her past lives...
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YAY YAY YAY YAY THEY ARE IN LOOOOOOVE &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts

:jump everywhere:

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Kody had never heard of such

Kody had never heard of such a place but that was expected since he never even knew fairies were real. He let out a small chuckle at her words. He was starting to feel more comfortable around her, and more confident. "It sounds awesome. Why did you come here?" He hoped he wasn't annoying her with all his questions but he was rather curious about the doe.

(My posts seem to be getting worse and worse D:)


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"I am here becuase my old

"I am here becuase my old body died. But my soul is that of a fairy, of course."

{Lol xD, mine are too!}
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FFFF, I'm always so late D8

FFFF, I'm always so late D8

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His eyes widened a little as

His eyes widened a little as he listened to the doe. The thought of dying and coming back sounded quite confusing. He was curious of how she died but he knew it would probably be best not to ask. "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that..." He paused, thinking of what else to say. Upsetting the doe was the last thing he wanted to do. He also didn't want to end up having one of those awkward silences that he despised. "I've always wondered what dying was like and what happens after." It was a question he had always wanted an answer to, but no one ever knew. Tiredness was creeping up on him as he let out a large yawn, showing off his large fangs and vibrant blue tongue. He wrapped his tail around himself and shuffled around a little, in hope of finding a more comfortable position. Then he lay his head on the ground, but kept his ears pinned up and his eyes fixed on the doe. He still had to be alert in case she did decide to do anything to him.
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Evangeline's face began to

Evangeline's face began to sparkle as a neat bleached skull began to appear on it. In an effort to play, she opened up her skull-mouth as wide as it could go and twitched her tongue around. "Hehe... your tongue is pretty.....xD Hoping that it wasn't an insult, she stretched and fluttered her wings pathetically as they lowered onto her back. "Dying didn't hurt because I was a fairy-mortal mix. And I just woke up in this strange forest is all...
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Kody laughed as he watched

Kody laughed as he watched the doe try to open her mouth as wide as she could. He lifted his head off the ground and smiled. He still wanted to ask how she died but he was scared to do so. "I..." He was still unsure whether to ask it or not, but his curiosity got the better of him. "...I hope you don't mind me asking did you die? You don't need to answer, I'm just curious." His ears flattened back as he waited for the doe to reply.

Sorry for not seeing your comment earlier, Solaya. D8 /fails
It wasn't that long ago so you're not that late c:
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"I died when I fell into a

"I died when I fell into a hunter's trap..... He stumbled on to it with me, the fool." The doe smiled softly and started opening her skull-mouth. Open, close... "*snort* My skull feels very strange!

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Kody's smile faded after

Kody's smile faded after hearing how she died. He had never seen a hunter or a human for that matter. Though he didn't think they'd hunt down rare things and kill them. "That's horrible. Why would they want to kill other living things? What do they get out of it? It's so stupid." Though he thought it was quite funny that the hunter walked into the trap too. He then looked at her skull, but didn't see anything abnormal or strange about it. "It looks normal to me." Suddenly he realized that he didn't even know the doe's name, which was rather strange considering they had been talking for a while. "By the way...what's your name?"

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There was a wide grin on the

There was a wide grin on the doe's face. This deer has never heard of a hunter... "The hunter wanted to kill me so that he could eat me, so that he could cut me into strips and put me into hot water so that I can cook... Evangeline's skullseemed as if it was grinning at this fact, a shamefull grin that was undetectable without a close look. "My name is Evangeline. I love my name, don't you?"
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Shivers ran down Kody's spine

Shivers ran down Kody's spine and his eyes widened yet again as the doe explained why the hunter killed her. It was a little more detailed than he wanted it to be, but it was his own fault for asking. Another yawn escaped his jaws, he hadn't had a proper rest for a while due to his dull mood. He blinked a few times and shook his glossy, black hair out of his view. "Yeah, it's nice." He smiled at the doe before getting up to his feet. "I'd better be going. It's been great meeting you. I hope we'll see each other again sometime soon." He turned around and slowly walked away in the opposite direction.
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"Goodbye, Kody." Evangeline

"Goodbye, Kody." Evangeline smiled and got up on her feet. It was a brief and somber goodbye for her, but she still continued to walk towards the pond. Maybe something was going to happen there? Who knows, but that was her destination.

"You are the only canine here

"You are the only canine here I've found so far. Whats your name boy? You be a bit thin for yer age." Grimm shrunk back, a little wary of the strangers actions. He could lunge at any moment, just given a little time...

{I like your character :)}
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Kody hadn't spoke to or seen

Kody hadn't spoke to or seen many deer lately, he had been rather antisocial due to recent events. The stranger was one of few who had actually came over to him. Though...he was wary of others approaching him while he could only see from one eye, if they happened to attack; he'd be the underdog. But he couldn't let that bother him forever. The stag got up and turned so that his right side was half facing the other deer, only so he could look at them. "There's a few canines around here...." He did not stutter for the first time in a while, it was only due to his dull mood though. Fear was the last thing that bothered him at the moment. "Who are you?" He avoided the stranger's question, his name was something he didn't need to know, not at the moment anyway. He found it rather odd how others could walk up to deer whom they did not know and comment on their appearance, it was something he, himself, could never do. Quickly, he shook himself so that his glossy, black hair was now covering his eye, avoiding eye contact with the other. "I know I'm thin...but you don't even know my age." His voice had a dull and boring tone to it. His ears slowly lifted up as he waited for a reply.

(Why thank you &hearts Your character seems pretty interesting c:)
(I'm also sorry about the long, seriously crappy post D:)

Grimm smiled as he saw the

Grimm smiled as he saw the stag cover his eye and said,"Don't cover your eye." He stylishly jerked his head to reveal an unsightly scar over his right eye. "You heard me, correct? You only cover your eye when its at this stage. I be Sebastian, The Reaper of The Wolves."
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Kody turned so that he was

Kody turned so that he was now directly facing the other. His eyes narrowed as the stranger spoke to him. He was not in the mood for someone criticizing the way his hair was or how he didn't show his eyes, or anything as silly as that. "I prefer to keep my hair over my eyes, thanks." A silent growl escaped from his throat unintentionally. His mood was quite unpredictable at the moment, thankfully though, it was silent, only those with amazingly sharp hearing would have heard it. His left eye was forced shut while his right scanned the scar up and down for a mere second. He wasn't bothered or put off by it, almost every deer had a scar, it was nothing abnormal. "Awesome name." Yet again, his voice was dull and expressionless, or it could be mistaken for being slightly sarcastic; it depended on how an individual thought of it. At the moment, he didn't like how Sebastian was acting, but he still remained standing in front of him with a narrowed eye.

"Heh. I be seein' ye some

"Heh. I be seein' ye some other time, eh? And... your name.... whats your name?" Grimm could feel his neck fur standing on end, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. His hackles raised, his disturbing purple eyes with abnormally small pupils, his breath heavy and expelling a cold vapor into the evening air; Then he paused: "I don't feel well.... And remember this one thing: No matter what happens, I never meen ya any harm, boy. But I don't slip up with other dogs and wolves. And I will try to be stronger than you no matter the situation." In his innapropriate meaning of dominance, he said that he'd be stronger. But it never came. Sebastian howled respectively and started trotting off silently into the woods.
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Kody remained staring at the

Kody remained staring at the wolf-deer with an expressionless face. Sebastian was quite intimidating to him, but it wasn't enough to scare him at the moment; there were more important things on his mind. He knew that he wasn't going to tell him his name anytime soon though. A large, over-sized dog tail that gave a small flick was the only movement that was noticeable while 'The Reaper of The Wolves' spoke. A small, amused grin appeared on his face as he heard the last sentence. In a way he hoped he would see Sebastian again, he found him rather interesting. Silently, he watched as the other walked off before turning the opposite way. "I couldn't give a damn if you were stronger than me." he whispered under his breath as he gently made his way through the thick undergrowth.
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*do not mind me I am just

*do not mind me I am just stalking this awesome Bio* <33333333

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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It's no where near an awesome

It's no where near an awesome bio D:
Thanks c: <33
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Hehehehe, but it's starting

Hehehehe, but it's starting to come out as awesome though Laughing out loud *huggles*

Love the colors *o*

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Aww thank you c:

Aww thank you c: <3 *hugs*
I'm just paranoid that it looks messed up on other people's screens. I'm hoping it looks better now though, but knowing me I'll end up changing it sometime soon again B|
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It looks awesome! I know

It looks awesome! I know before it had the huge bottom scrolling (which I had fun with lol) but it's looking very snazzy now Laughing out loud

XD I remember when it had the scrolling and I zoomed all the way out, and came back and went WHOA! Where's the bio!? XD *huggles* You've got it good though Laughing out loud

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Haha c: The scrolly thingy is

Haha c: The scrolly thingy is only on the first page. I think it's fun to play with it too though 8D
Thank you, it's nice to hear that someone actually likes my CSS <3 c: