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Currently out of the forest with Sonne; unsure of when she will return, but the passage of time outside of the forest is much slower. The months of her absence will be a much shorter amount of time to her.


Health :: Missing one antler. That's all i'll say Eye

- CURRENTLY OUT OF THE FOREST; this is happening ICly, but oocly has yet to play out -

18th of August - Sitting out in the rain, enjoying the forest for what might be the last time in a while.

1st of August - Went out of her way to hunt down a rabbit as a sort of apology to Ramsus; had major difficulties in first, finding one, and then actually killing the damn thing. After many hours and pouncing attempts, accidentally gored one through the head with a stray antler, surprising herself with this act. Plans to go talk to him, and will seek Phaios out tomorrow.

22nd of July onwards- Kind of in hiding for now. Waiting for Verve's ornaments, hunting for things to give her, going through an antisocial pattern. Feels bad for ignoring and avoiding her friends but feels selfish for planning on leaving the forest without them, even if she is coming back. Wishes they were coming but doesn't want to tell anyone. Slowly lowering her guard and might accidentally get caught.

21st of July - Feeling very bored and lonely after Sonne left the morning after meeting him. Bored! Not seeking out friends but feels she should do so. Went to the ruins to talk to Yew, then suddenly had an idea.

- Meets Sonne, who tells her about his time outside of the forest. Spends the day messing around about the old oak, the pond, and then climbing the idols before sleeping.
- Lotsa stuff happened. Came out badly wounded when she joined in fighting off the creatures sent after Dag's picto
- Meets lots more people; becomes good buddies with Phaios and Ramsus
- Had a breakdown during November over Yew; helped along by Talla, who helped her pick a grave dedicated to him
- Met many, many deer. Became good friends with a few like Herla, Eraline and Darcy
- Joined the rut again next year; made many aquaintences, and mainly took to Tieff and Gustiro's herds
- Inactive
- Joined the rut
- Met Friend, Virgil and Talla

To be rewritten; the Ginger keeps her past to herself besides the knowledge(told only to some) of her son, and his death. This was caused by Brynhried, not entirely accidentally, but also due to Sorrel's naivety. She believed from what she saw that the forest was entirely safe, for herself and her fawn, suspecting at the time that she'd died and was in some kind of afterlife with her dead son. Was instead treated to the sight of his body beneath the bridge after letting him roam around without her whenever he wanted. Things became more confusing to the doe upon discovering the idea of the Twin Gods, for what gods(of what heaven) would let such terrible creatures into their haven?

Promptly lost the plot with her life as things made less and less sense. No longer believed she was dead, but came to be haunted by her son later on. Believes herself to be the true cause of his death(and is partially right) but will probably never tell anyone this; it's easier to gather sympathy that way.

Eventually came to embrace her worries, meeting those who were the ones she initially feared, becoming able to ignore the less pleasant sides to others. Fawn-killers and aggressive males and dainty sisters and all of them, some like an echo of her past, phased the mother less and less until Sorrel was no longer much of a mother anymore, without her son as a hold on her homeland and steady head.

The forest has not seen her grow physically, having arrived as a fully grown and matured doe. She has developed somewhat, with new features and colors and markings and all of that which wouldn't be found in her homeland. A rather plain, spotted doe arrived one day with a plain, spotted fawn, and would later leave the forest as a doe with a glowing fringe on her neck, tall ringed antlers, colours of the sun and the trees, with a forehead decorated with a charm to keep the past well, well away. Appears to be closely related to an impala.

Previous description(most of it is still valid):

A neat stature that fits between the size of a mini and an average deer.
Often feels clumsy and large when around minis, but really has a nice frame; light fluff in areas, growing around her neck where her mane is. Thinner legs than usual, filled-out body while still remaining in an area between average and thin. Pale, lavender eyes give a ghostly appearance to her face at times.

Scents of tea tree oil/melaleuca. Pelt doesn't change but her mask and antlers may. Typical set is now golden arching antlers with the real deer mask and monarch pelt. Presumably looks different outside of the forest, more like a real deer. Doesn't have a known human face. Antlers are tall, arching above the ears then down behind before turning out; a lovely gold but paler than her mane. Sharp at the tips but typically harmless, would be difficult to cut with. Can be represented like this, as in-forest antlers, or by the antlers of an impala.
A clumsy dancer and runner, she often stops and starts. Usually not self-conscious- usually makes a fool of herself when dancing, but never feels embarrassed because of it.

Some actions in forest mean different things for her; a single taunt is probably flirting especially if combined with a nod (but this can also be shown by excessive nuzzling or nodding and shaking), while if she does it more frequently in one go, she probably is spitting insults, or showing off. On most occasions she makes a full-bow to everyone, but may go small if it's the first time meeting someone. Pawing at the ground with head tilted usually means a question, like 'should I do this?', used a lot when spellspamming; 'should I keep casting?' but also if she runs off, it means 'follow me'.

*NEW* Has a new ward(shown at the bottom of this page) given to her from Verve in order to end her troubles with Yew. It works, and can also protect her from harm at times, but also has side effects; any characters that are dead, ghostly or partially so will be hard to see, possibly partially invisible or just generally fuzzy. Speech may be hard to understand too.

Name// Sorrel, Ginger. Has a different name in her homeland.
Age// Mature adult; think about 30 years old in human terms.
Gender// Female
Birthday// 29th of December
Sexuality// Bisexual
Diet// Herbivorous
Scent// Smells like tea-tree oil(Melaleuca) sometimes

Picto// The Upright Antler
Size// Here
Rests// Once took up Yew's grave as her default resting spot, but now prefers the Playground

Newest developments: Will be here once she returns from her adventure

An oddball. Strangers will find typically find a gentle, accepting and curious doe, who is hardly reserved and sometimes even a little embarrassing with her behaviour. Friends will be familiar with a sporadic, adventurous, and usually selfless doe. She hates being confronted or accused of things, but rarely takes threats seriously or holds grudges; very forgiving of others, but not to herself. Violent when in the right mood or moment, and quite relentless when pushed far enough; often doesn't know when enough is enough about any matter. And while she finds violence itself fun to watch and occasionally participate it, will pretty much never tolerate violence over herself, possibly excluding the rutting season.

Point being? Her moods are usually to an extreme- very happy, very angry, or very upset, with some grey inbetween. This has a self-destructive affect upon her in the end.

Occasionaly, she has knee-jerk reactions to things. This kind of behaviour in general is odd though, and it's usually the first sign that she's upset or distressed; otherwise, it's unlikely she'll lash out, ever. The doe can be very hard to read when she wants to hide her feelings, and while she always wants to support her friends, she tries to close the walls off when she herself needs help.

She's also rather infamous for her passing obsessions; it often makes her seem immature and childish, with a short attention span. But they don't always pass, and the doe finds interests in lots of things. She just doesn't always mention them. Most prominently, she finds stars interesting, partially due to the rare times they would be visible in the forest.

Romance-wise, her experience so far hasn't been so great. While her parents set the right example, those around her and those she got involved with were terrible influences. She's very willing to flirt and dance, quietly romantic on the rare occasion. Openly bisexual; she is less assertive towards does, however. If she were to take a mate, she'd try to be more dominant if it were a stag, otherwise vice-versa if it was a doe.

To quote some of her Codex;
Promptly lost the plot with her life as things made less and less sense. No longer believed she was dead, but came to be haunted by her son later on. Believes herself to be the true cause of his death(and is partially right) but will probably never tell anyone this; it's easier to gather sympathy that way.

Eventually came to embrace her worries, meeting those who were the ones she initially feared, becoming able to ignore the less pleasant sides to others. Fawn-killers and aggressive males and dainty sisters and all of them, some like an echo of her past, phased the mother less and less until Sorrel was no longer much of a mother anymore, without her son as a hold on her homeland and steady head.

On fighting;
Has encountered- Sorog, Darcy, Gehirn, Greitai, Velocity's creatures, nameless(multiple)

Sorrel tends to use her nimbleness to her advantage in a fight as much as she can, as in every other aspect(strength, stamina, defense) she has a much lower hand in an average fight, being so small. She is not built strongly either. Her antlers may also be used but are not truly intended as weapons, and are more often used as skull protectors.

Despite this, Sorrel does not back down from challenges and fights the best she can in whatever she deems a worthy brawl. It is very rare to see her run away. She does not understand pacifism and believes that fighting is normal, and everyone should at least try and defend themselves in a fight. This behavior, coupled with the fact that the doe does not know how to care for her wounds, often leads her into very serious danger from both the wounds themselves and disease or infection.

Talla :: A best friend and one of her earliest ones. Very protective and loyal to the mini, has opened up to her before.

Phaios :: A best friend, often spends her lazy days with her surrounded by the fawns that seem drawn to her.

Sonne :: Currently out adventuring with the young stag; admires his attitude to the unknown, curious about him.

Ramsus :: Met him while he was vulnerable, tried to make him cheer up and believes she did good. A little unsettled when he and Daneth fought over her but ultimately believed it was Daneth's fault; sees him as too level-headed for that kind of thing.

Daneth :: Finds him fun and amusing to be around, with the occasional flirt.

Nash :: Kinda-sorta adopted the young buffalo as a calf, adores him.

Tieff :: Fancied the white stag once, but now sees him as a friend.

Eraline :: Unaware of her death; enjoyed seeing the doe around, especially during her downward days.

Herla :: Enjoys the motherly and kind feel the doe has, but is sometimes confused by her

Prussia :: Once a good friend, met through Phaios, now missing.

Krystal :: Also missing in her life; loved the jackalope when she was around.

Darcy :: A little on edge around the stag, having argued and kind-of fought with him; still views him as a friend.

Saosin :: Dislikes the stag due to how Talla reacted around him; open to reevaluate this if she meets him again, however

Gehirn :: Pushed the stag too far during Herla's first pregnancy when she wanted to sit with the doe; ended up getting a little battered and chased away by him. Her opinion is soured by this memory but upon learning he is Sonne's father, may later reevaluate her judgement.

Greitai :: One of the few who have been imprinted in her memory out of hatred; was harassed by the creature during one of her break downs and promptly lost it, trying to attack and maim her unsuccessfully.

? :: Sister; to be expanded on
Yew :: Son; trying to forget, succeeding.
? :: Past mate. Also trying to forget. Abusive relationship.

Virgil, Friend, Snowshoe, Bishop, Feathercrest, Stockholm, Gustiro, Jettem, Dinah Moon, Henna, Ravus, Reed, Amelia, Harley, Heika, Avari, Rice, Brighteyes, Galene, Ysrael, Brazen, Honeyfur, Jokerman, Bao, Kumiko, Ciel, Ravenflight, Bénézet, Geography, Sonne, Migisi, Idelle, Tamun, Thane, Atuuru, Kagekaze, Lady Bones, Kaikias, Saburo, Trae, Sianna, Horatio, Dahji, Swampmouth, Lin, Hysteria, Sorog, Gina, Zacharias, Illrose, Etoile, Daikon, Estme, Lucamo, Johan, Endriaga, Miyako, 88, Nathaniel, Miriam, Hippie, Verve

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm,
we can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
Oh well the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning, in his grin.
Love is like a sin my love
For the ones that feels it the most

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I could swear Phai and Sorrel

I could swear Phai and Sorrel had run into each other a few times with Eraline, but I can't figure out if I'm imagining it or not.
In any case, we seem to be running into Sorrel a lot all of a sudden, and she's such a lovely girl. Sticking out tongue

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It's likely they have, I just

It's likely they have, I just have a poor memory and should probably make a habit of updating this quicker.
But thankyou! Yayyy new page
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Sorry Ama was so boring. ;;

Sorry Ama was so boring. ;; It was nice to have your company, though.

The world is quiet here.
Happy Spring!
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Nooo it was fine haha. I'm

Nooo it was fine haha. I'm constantly sitting down anyway xD
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Poor Sorrel xD It was like.

Poor Sorrel xD
It was like. Hello... oh, you're leaving?
And then she reappeared as I was walking out the door to get dinner.
Hope your computer starts behaving for you again~
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Haha at first I was like "Why

Haha at first I was like "Why has everyone stopped moving?"
And then I worked it out and came back....and then the same thing happened, except that everyone was looking in whatever direction Sorrel was.
Came back a third time and it was still being...wierd. So I just sat down for 5 minutes and gave up xD
Me too!

btw I added you to msn, if you're still accepting contacts on there?
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I actually don't list my MSN address anywhere, to cut down on random adds (I used to get a LOT); you've probably got my Email. If you want, you can shoot me an Email with your MSN address and I can add you :3
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Sure thing then!~

Sure thing then!~
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You ought to have a request

You ought to have a request now :3

"It has been far too long,

"It has been far too long, Sorrel.", the huge bison spoke down to his old friend, shifting so he could speak with her face to face. She was probably surprised at how big he was, and he smiled at the thought that she didn't even recognize him. "How have you been?"
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"Nash!" she exclaimed under

"Nash!" she exclaimed under her breath, keeping quiet with thoughts of the two new fawns. The doe supposed herself so distracted that she hadn't noticed the bison sooner. "I'm fairing well...i'd be more concerned about Herla. Childbirth is not an easy moment." Turning her eyes back to the babies, she gently shouldered her way closer to the bison's long coated body to share some warmth.

He smiled, glad that she

He smiled, glad that she seemed to be doing well. "She is strong.", Nash spoke, referring to Herla. "I was not here, but I heard she did better than normal while having them." Sighing as Sorrel scooted closer, Nash looked over to Lucamo, then to Gehirn, Herla and Johan, who were all asleep. Looking back to Sorrel, even she seemed sleepy and preoccupied. "I've been alright as well..stayed out of trouble; grown alot of course.", he said casually, following her gaze back to the fawn.
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"She is...brave. Especially

"She is...brave. Especially with twins." She did indeed feel a little tired, yawning as the comfy spot she was settled in began to nudge her towards dullness "When will you ever stop growing, huh?" It was a gentle tease as she attempted to keep her head up, not wanting to leave him alone in his watch.

He nodded softly, feeling

He nodded softly, feeling lazy and cozy yet knowing someone needed to stay awake. "I don't know, heh. I hope I'm done though.", he said, knowing he was already taller than most. "Hm..tell me, how have things been for you? My life has been a bit boring, to be honest..", he said, speaking quietly to not disturb the others.
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"You'll be a giant in a

"You'll be a giant in a forest...of giants." She was quite serious, looking in Gehirn's direction with a twinge of nervousness in her eye. "There's nothing wrong with that. Better than being small like me." With another yawn, she rested her head on the ground, still remaining awake. "A bit chaotic. Things usually are. I can safely say that I have never helped myself."
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Sorry I missed it!

Sorry I missed it! ♥

Nash chuckled to his friend when she reassured him, and he leaned over to give her neck a small nuzzle. "Chaotic? Uh oh--", he said, but cut himself off as she continued. Her comment confused and concerned him, so he turned to her and lowered his head, so their faces were more level with each other. "What do you mean?", he asked, referring to the very last sentence she said.

"I don't know what's wrong; but if you ever need help or safety, don't hesitate to come to me, Sorrel."
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Thanks Kah! And no worries

Thanks Kah! And no worries Dinamo!


Long ears flicking back, Sorrel wished she hadn't said anything, at that moment hating herself for putting any kind of concern onto someone else's agenda. "It's alright! I'm fine." She laughed light-heartedly, truely touched by his worries. "I just mean that whenever something goes wrong for me, it's usually because of me. However, I suppose that is better than it not being myself." She paused to let him continue, appreciating for herself her own words. Yes, that definitely sounded better.

"I...thank you, Nash. I think that'd help me a lot." Her eyes watered a little, before gathering herself up closer. Sorrel restrained herself from becoming embarrasingly emotional, instead giving him a soft nuzzle on the nose before looking at the rest of the group again. Pondering.

"I probably won't be so good on the safety side, but...same to you, alright?"

My apologies for Miya leaving

My apologies for Miya leaving all out of a sudden. I was AFK and in the mean while my laptop ran out of power. v___v
Your lady seems nice, Miya appreciated her company. (:
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That's alright! It was good

That's alright! It was good to meet her : D

Whoops! So sorry. I often

Whoops! So sorry. I often forget about rp's unless they are on a rp blog, heh.
Do you still want to continue?
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Maybe just one more post from

Maybe just one more post from both of us? It's so sweet haha I just want to finish it up

Woah! I absolutely love what

Woah! I absolutely love what you did with this! I so love that top art too!
And sure, I'll type a reply up right now. ♥ One moment.

The Bison nodded down to her, understanding what she was saying; though still wishing that he could help in any way. "Of course, Sorrel.", he growled, smiling softly as he wondered if she could feel his chest rumble as he spoke. He returned her gentle nuzzle with an even gentler one - being older now he knew his own strength and, knew he was fully capable of bowling the smaller doe over even with the smallest of nuzzles.

When she offered to help him back, he sighed and followed her gaze to look around at the other too, also touched by her genuine motherly tendencies. "I think I could handle myself..but, thank you. It means much too."
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Thanks! I think it looks a

Thanks! I think it looks a lot neater now which is good. It was too messy before. I guess we're done now?


"With those horns? I'm sure you could!" She jeered playfully, sighing and relaxing as she began to doze off. "I think that everyone needs help sometimes, though." With the last of her musing, she sighed and gently rested her head against the bison's shoulder, using his coat as a cushion and closing her eyes for an afternoon nap.

It does! The accordians do

It does! The accordians do tend to tidy things up. <3 And sure, we can be done. Thanks for the little rp.
We should do it again though. c:

He smiled gently when she finally replied, eyes lazily gliding back to her face. The Bison watched his friend lay her head on his side, and to make her more comfortable he shifted so her head didn't have to be so high up. Once she had fallen asleep, he turned and looked ahead, body relaxed but eyes vigilant.
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"I'm sorry I've been so busy

"I'm sorry I've been so busy these last few times we've met." The doe tosses a glance towards the nearby boundary of the birch-filled forest. "Some dear friends have been injured, and I've been keeping an eye on them and their fawns." Phai had really had her hooves full lately; it was nice to finally get a little 'girls' night out' time.
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"I was wondering what was up!

"I was wondering what was up! I didn't want to pry though," she replied, "if you need any help, just ask." Smiling at the sight of the white doe with them, "The last time I saw her, she was a fawn too. It's strange how fast they grow up."
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"Their father is... very

"Their father is... very particular on who's allowed around." Phaios heaves a little sigh before beaming at little... not-so-little Idelle. "Isn't it though? I get used to them being smaller than I am and all of a sudden I find myself craning my neck."
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"Ohh, right. That can be a

"Ohh, right. That can be a good thing, though." She spoke with personal experience that hadn't really ended that well. "It keeps happening! I'll see them one day as this little iddy biddy fawn and then.....POOF." The ginger doe laughed before adding a little bitterly, "It makes me feel old!"
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"Mm, sometimes." She readily

"Mm, sometimes." She readily moves on to the next subject with a quiet chuckle. "Ah... You get used to it. Although, things have always been like that for me, I suppose... Young ones started out very small, and then evolved and were much larger very quickly. It's an interesting experience, to find yourself as tall as a flower one day and above bushes the next. At least they grow a little less suddenly here." Her tail flicks to and fro behind her idly. "You get used to feeling old, too. Sorta."
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"Do you remember much from

"Do you remember much from outside of here...?" Remorse crept into her voice slowly. "My memory is fading, I think. I wish it wasn't. I like to know what happened but it seems to be getting harder." She tilted her head a little. "Maybe it's just normal, from being here, eh? And feeling old as well; so many kids around, all the time."
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She nods slowly. "It's been

She nods slowly. "It's been the opposite, for me. I didn't remember much at all when I first got here, but over time I've remembered it all." Her snout tips skyward, eyes fixing on the sky. "It's hard to define 'normal' here. Everyone is so vastly different... and... giant rabbits." ....Yep, never going to get over that. Phai shudders and peers back at Sorrel. "There's nothing normal about giant rabbits, but here they are, every day occurences." Bleh.
The doe ponders for a moment. "There do seem to be a lot of fawns lately. I suppose it's just that season."

[I've got to head out for the night - work in the morning - but I'd be happy to continue this later if you'd like :3]
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"Lucky...I can't remember

"Lucky...I can't remember most of my childhood now." She could recall names- Mother, Father, her sister. But things were getting fuzzier. "I wouldn't have picked you as someone afraid of giant rabbits!" The doe giggled without venom. "And giant birds too...personally I think the rabbits are much more pleasant." It was the ears, wasn't it? Much nicer than a sharp beak. "That season, huh?" Sorrel burst out laughing, a little immaturely. "Maybe we have something in common with rabbits then."

(( Sure! Let's keep going ))
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track. O:

track. O:
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(No subject)

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"Ah, well... There are days

"Ah, well... There are days I'd rather forget, to be honest, but I've tried not to dwell on them," she answers quietly.
She puffs up a bit at Sorrel's accusation, though. "I'm not afraid," she insists. "I just think they're... strange. And big. And their noses do this... thing." The doe frowns, trying to get her own nose to wiggle as demonstration. She only succeeds in making herself look ridiculous. "...Yes, the birds are worse." Those beady eyes! Augh!
"Ah.. ahm. Well, no... That season was a while back, and it caused this season." It's okay, Sorrel. Phai can't keep a straight face around innuendos, either; if deer could blush, she'd be quite scarlet beneath her fur.

[Sorry for the delay, school and work have been nuts ;-; ]
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gah, her design is so

gah, her design is so gorgeous. <3
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Thankyouuu! And just a note

And just a note to anyone; my game is being pretty buggy today. Lots of people without pictograms or their sets....so if I suddenly disconnect, i'm probably trying to fix something!

and Phai ashdasjhgdasj i'm sorry, i'll get to our rp soon!
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lmao No worries, take your

No worries, take your time Sticking out tongue I'm supposed to be studying, anyway *totally not putzing around teh Intarwebz instead* >.> <.<
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Tracking this. About time I

Tracking this. About time I would do so XD
It was a really nice meeting Smiling

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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O: I was very surprised to

O: I was very surprised to see a comment here, haha. This bio needs a major update!!!
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retrack &hearts;

retrack ♥
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Have a Chibi , requested by

Have a Chibi , requested by Alcinda. ^_^
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Interest track! She's super

Interest track! She's super pretty. ;u;
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Bahhh double post

Bahhh double post
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guess what
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i really
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